​Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: May carry over some mechanics from Pokemon legend: Arceus

Little is known about the first part of the ninth generation of the Pokemon series, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. As you can see from the initial trailer, the game is a big departure from the patterns of previous mainline Pokemon games. It looks like Scarlet and Violet will inherit a lot from the Pokemon legend Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus, released in 2022, found players focused on exploration and Pokedex research, not combat. Scarlet & Violet may combine the best aspects of the game with standard Pokemon gameplay. These ten other mechanics from the legendary Arceus are expected to return to a new generation.

A new way to catch Pokemon

In previous mainline Pokemon games, capturing new creatures was as easy as pressing a button. Back then, the likelihood of catching a Pokémon depended on several factors, including probability and the target's health. However, the legendary Arceus took a whole new direction when it came to gathering new companions.

In Legends Arceus, players have to actually aim their Poke Ball at the Pokemon they want and hope it gets caught. Some Pokemon tend to be docile and can drop without a fight, while others won't. It definitely makes capturing new Pokemon feel like starting a real wildlife adventure.

catch Pokemon

No Random Encounters

Legends Arceus is also the first Pokemon game to eliminate random Pokemon encounters. Since the very first Pokemon game on GameBoy, players have had to trek through tall grass to find random Pokemon. However, the legendary Arceus has all the catchable Pokemon roaming the overworld for players to see.

The lack of random encounters certainly simplifies the process of finding new Pokemon. Plus, it can help players looking for a quick crush avoid Pokemon with a type advantage. Tallgrass can even retain its function as a way for players to hide when throwing Pokeballs at Pokemon.

Base Camps

Pokemon Legends Arceus takes a lot more inspiration from the Monster Hunter franchise than from previous Pokemon games. One of the things it has in common with Monster Hunter is the use of the base camp as the player's hub. When exploring a large, open world, it's good to have some areas to rearrange.

Essentially, Base Camp could return to Scarlet and Violet as an alternate version of Pokemon Central. There, players can access their computers, restore the health of their Pokemon, and buy new items. Scarlet & Violet's launch trailer might even tease a version of this mechanic in a building that resembles a gas station.

Fast Travel

Of course, one of the benefits of keeping your base camp at Scarlet & Violet is that they serve as waypoints for fast travel. When exploring the vast areas of Emerald in The Legend of Arceus, it's easy for players to get lost. Visiting fast travel destinations can speed up the time from point A to point B.

Scarlet & Violet has been confirmed as a fully open-world game. Additionally, previous Pokemon games have included fast travel via Ride Pokemon or HM Fly. It would make sense that the game would have some type of mechanic to speed up travel times, but maybe it could be more than just towns.

Ride Pokemon

Previous mainline Pokemon games have been joined by Ride Pokemon. Pokemon X & Y allows players to ride Pokemons like Gogoat and Lapras under special conditions. Sun and Moon improve on this mechanic by including Pokemon that can help players navigate certain terrains or enter secret areas.

However, until the legendary Arceus, no Pokemon title has really perfected riding a Pokemon. Given that the game features many open worlds, it makes sense that Ride Pokemons like Wyrdeer and Sneasler are designed to speed up the process of traversing terrain. At Scarlet & Violet, it makes sense that this trend continues.

Optional Evolution

Often, evolution isn't always preferable to the player. Some people like to gain power in the lower evolution of holding the Eternal Stone. Other times, a Pokemon with a split evolution path may satisfy the conditions of one of its evolution forms, giving players the opportunity to add the other evolution form to their team.

Legends Arceus offers a fairly simple solution to this problem: optional evolution. When a Pokémon meets certain evolution conditions, players can trigger it through the menu. This quality of life feature is sure to appeal to fans looking to have a bigger impact on Pokemon's evolutionary abilities.

Streamlined Evolution Conditions

Of course, gameplay differences in Legendary Arceus also affect the evolutionary abilities of certain Pokemon. Some Pokemon require a trade to fully evolve, while others depend on location or even how the system is saved. Legend has it that Arceus simplified some of the more complex evolutionary conditions.

With the introduction of Scarlet & Violet, it's hard to believe that Game Freak will re-complicate some of these technologies. Some Pokemon may get new conditions that don't involve specific items or transactions. For example, evolving Tangela in Legends Arceus only requires Pokemon to level up while learning about ancient powers.

Alpha Pokemon

The challenge of creating an open-world Pokemon game is to add replay value. Later in the game, exploring early areas where there are no powerful Pokemon to fight or capture can be tiresome. That's why Alpha Pokemon is good, its size and power are sure to scare away new players in no time.

Being able to catch an Alpha Pokemon in Legends Arceus is also a feat. These super-powerful Pokemon are even marked in the menu to commemorate player achievements. Bringing them back to Scarlet & Violet will bring players a whole new level of post-match achievement.

Mass Outbreaks

One of the best parts of the legendary Arceus, especially for die-hard fans, is the addition of massive bursts. These special events will trigger a swarm of specific Pokemon species in an area. While this is a great place to fight and capture Pokedex in Legends Arceus, there's an added bonus.

When encountering Pokemon in a massive outbreak, their chances of becoming Shiny increase dramatically. Even better if the player completes the Pokemon's Pokedex entry and equips an item called the Shiny Charm. Bringing this back to Scarlet & Violet would be a welcome throwback for Shiny Hunters.

Pokedex Research

Part of what makes Pokemon Legends Arceus so easily addictive is its main gameplay feature: Pokedex. Previous Pokemon games just used Pokedex as an encyclopedia of Pokemon data. Legends Arceus makes it more alive, encouraging players to re-encounter the same Pokemon and complete their entries.

Not only is this a valuable post-game activity, but it also creates a bond between players and Pokemon. Especially in newer games, it's easy to find a Pokemon, grab it, and forget it in the box. Hopefully Scarlet & Violet will use the Pokedex research as an opportunity to encourage players to continue to choose games.

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