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Pokémon BDSP Custom

How To Get Cheap BDSP Custom Pokemon?

The Pokemon customization service helps players obtain their favorite Pokemon most conveniently to a certain extent. This is also the long-awaited Custom Pokemon service that players have been waiting for.

BDSP Custom Pokemon service is a service for customizing Pokemon. You can choose 1 (single), 3 (Trio), or 6 (Team) Custom Pokemon according to your preferences. You can also customize Pokemon according to the attack action and level of the Pokemon, Rarity, choose shiny Pokemon or non-shiny Pokemon, Pokemon also has a gender, you can customize it according to your preferences.

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The Pokemon customization service provided by PKMBuy is legal and valid and can be stored in the Pokemon House. Players choose to buy BDSP Custom Pokemon through online transactions on We support 24/7 online service and Instant delivery.

If you are purchasing Pokemon customization online for the first time, Trading in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl requires a official website Account and official website Switch Online subscription.