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IconMeganium the Unrivaled (7★ Tera Raid Battle event)



A special 7-star Tera Raid Event featuring Meganium with the Psychic Tera Type has been announced and the first round is set to release on April 5, 2024 (00:00 UTC) and will end on April 7, 2024 (23:59 UTC) and Round 2 will then run on April 12, 2024 (00:00 UTC) until April 14, 2024 (23:59 UTC)! Trainers can catch a Psychic Tera Type Meganium with the Mightiest Mark during the 7-Star Meganium Tera Raid Event in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV).




To challenge PsychicTera Type Meganium with the Mightiest Mark, Trainers will need to either complete the postgame events that follow the main story or join a 7-star Tera Raid Battle hosted by a Trainer who has completed those events. This special Meganium can be caught only once per save data. You can still participate in Tera Raid Battles against this Meganium if you've already caught it to obtain other rewardsincluding significant amounts of Exp. Candy for leveling up your Pokémon, treasures that can be sold at Pokémon Centers, items for improving your Pokémon's stats, and Psychic Tera Shards for changing your Pokémon Tera Type.



You'll get a Psychic Tera Type Meganium with the Mightiest Mark if you have defeated "Meganium the Unrivaled" in a Black Crystal Tera Raid during the event. And you also have chances to obtain various treasures and battle items which you can use to build battle-ready Pokemon or sell in stores for money.




Meganium is a Pokemon with grass types. Generally speaking, in the challenge of the Unrealized Raid Event, one can choose the following Pokemon as counters:

Pokemon with fire types, such as Charizard, Moltres, Entei, etc;

Pokemon with ice properties, such as Articano, Lapras, Mamosvine, etc;

Pokemon with flight types, such as Dragonite, Rayquaza, Moltres, etc;

And other Pokemon with high combat power and the ability to quickly cause damage, such as Tyranitar, Mewtwo, Gengar, etc.


You need to choose the most suitable counter based on your own Pokemon, counter attributes and skills, and combat strategy. Remember to form a diverse team when challenging the Raid Boss to deal with various situations and counters.