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IconBlastoise the Unrivaled ---- In-Game Events



This event is known as the Blastoise the Unrivaled.


The Blastoise the Unrivaled event is a special event in the Pokémon game, during which trainers have the opportunity to capture this Blastoise has the Mightiest Mark.



The following is a detailed introduction to the Blastoise the Unrivaled activity:


Event Time: The event will start at 8:00 on March 6, 2024 and will continue until March 13.


Tera type: The Blastoise the Unrivaled that appears during the event has a steel type in the Tera Raid Battle.


Capture restriction: In saving data, players can only capture one of the Blastoise the Unrivaleds. Once successfully captured, players can also participate in the Black-crystal Tera Raid Battle and receive rewards during the event.


Future possibilities: Blastoise the Unrivaled that appeared in this event may reappear in future events or be encountered in other ways.


Basic Information

Name: Blastoise the Unrivaled

Type: Water Type

Obtaining Method: Participate in the Black-crystal Tera Raid Battle

Event Time: 6-12 Mar 2024



Overall, these types of activities add freshness and challenge to the Pokémon game, while also providing players with opportunities to obtain rare Pokémon. When participating in activities, it is recommended that players prepare sufficient Pokémon balls and recovery items to improve the success rate of capture and the sustainability of battles.