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IconWhere to catch Ditto in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Since Ditto can breed with the most Pokémon of any other creature, it's a good idea to catch one as soon as possible if you want to breed for Shinies. Better yet, try to trade a Ditto with a Ditto from someone from another country and you'll be all set.

Pokemon SV Ditto

Ditto can be caught in the West Province Areas Two and Three. However, Ditto disguise themselves in Scarlet and Violet's wild areas to look like other Pokémon. So you'll need to head to the areas where Ditto spawns and then just start battling species until one reveals itself as a Ditto. Look at the name rather than the look of a Pokémon to determine if it's Ditto since they will look identical and won't have the silly Ditto face from the anime. 

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