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IconWhere and how to find Ditto Blocks?

Ditto Blocks can be found in different locations and situations. Here are some tips to help you find them.

1. Pay attention to the environment

Ditto Blocks are often found in corners or at the end of blocks, usually slightly purple. Basically it is not easy to appear between several blocks of the same color,so keep an eye out for these locations. In addition,they may also appear between squares of different heights, such as on slopes.


2. Listen sound

You can hear Ditto's grunts when you are close to their location. Turn off the background music in the settings to make it easier to hear the grunts. This technique works especially well for the quests in the central square, which is relatively small and easy to find by sound.

3. Change your screen tint

If the colour of the original square is close to that of the Ditto, you can change your screen tint to reverse the colours. This will make Ditto Blocks easier to spot. Just remember to change it back after you find the Ditto.

4. Unlock the Fly ability

Unlocking the Fly Ability in Classroom 3-2 will help you find Ditto Blocks in the Canyon Zone. This ability allows you to move freely and explore different areas from above, making it easier to spot Ditto Blocks.


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