​What is the rank with Every Eevee Evolution in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Every Eevee is cute, versatile, unique, and loved by players and Pokemon fans alike. However, knowing which version to focus on can be a real struggle in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Fortunately, since they're all relatively different, evolution can often be coordinated with the player's other style or party.

Everyone's preferences are mostly opinionated and valid for some, so it's crucial that players analyze what comes up when considering which evolution to go for. Such as previous battles, current team, and what the player's final team looks like in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

8. Glaceon

PLA Glaceon

Glaceon has one of the highest special attacks compared to other evolutions and really feels like a pure situational Pokemon at a party. They're still a useful companion, and they'll still stick around if players need a strong Ice-type, but it's nowhere near even the most powerful Ice-type in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Still, if players like special attacks and like Glaceon, then grab this Pokemon. It's not the most powerful option in the game.

7. Espeon

PLA Espeon

If players are looking to increase the amount of purple in their roster, Espeon is not a bad decision. Again, this Pokemon may not be the most powerful in the game, but it can still pack a punch and will hold its own as players traverse the new lands of Pokemon Legends Arceus. It can also be said to have a higher Special Attack than almost any other Eevee evolution, in that sense it's pretty much the same as the Glaceon.

The only thing that makes Espeon slightly different from Glaceon is how versatile and powerful this psychic-type Pokémon is. It all depends on the need for one person in the player's party and how useful they are in combat.

6. Umbreon

PLA Umbreon

Having a high Special Attack can be useful if players want to get rid of enemies quickly, but a good Special Defense can easily be the difference between a Pokemon fighting another day or passing out. That's why Umbreon is a better option than the likes of Espeon and Glaceon, it's just a more versatile and useful Pokemon in anyone's party.

Ultimately, the only reason Umbreon is classified as a better Pokemon is because of their other stats. They're still good but can't seem to stand up to other Eevee evolutions or something. That's not to say that this classic Dark-type doesn't fare well at a particular party, though, just make sure to focus on Umbreon's strengths.

5. Vaporeon

PLA Vaporeon

Some might argue that, in fact, Vaporeon is the best Eevee evolution in the Pokemon franchise. However, when statistics are analyzed and bias removed, it fails to support many other options. This water-type Pokemon is perfect unless players are looking for tanks in their party.

Varoreon lives up to its rich history and lore, having the highest base health of all Eevee evolutions. While it may not live up to some of the more powerful Pokemon, the Vaporeon is a strong and durable companion that would be great in parties that need something to gain some health and still deal a ton of damage.

4. Flareon

PLA Flareon

While having a good base health pool is a great advantage for Vaporeon, it's much easier to avoid damage by eliminating enemies as quickly as possible. Sadly, Flareon isn't the fastest option, as the combination of speed and attack will prove deadly to Flareon.

Still, Flareon has the best base attack in evolution and is capable of doing some devastating damage from their attacks. For such an attack, it doesn't make much sense to invest in special attacks or a lot of health. Just make sure there's enough for the Flareon to stand and watch them win the battle ahead.

3. Jolteon

PLA Jolteon

Jolteon is far from the most powerful creature in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but sometimes it has nothing to do with power. Sometimes it's important to get the first point of damage and be as fast as possible. That's where this amazing Pokemon comes in, labeled as the fastest Eevee evolution to date.

Again, it all depends on the player's playstyle and the intent of the party design, but if speed is a priority then the Jolteon is the way to go. It will allow any player to attack first and possibly stop the fight before any actual damage is done, saving the lives of the rest of the party.

2. Leafeon

PLA Leafeon

While it might be relatively easy to look at some Eevee evolutions and think that because they thrive in a certain way, they should be prioritized. Now in some cases, for certain playstyles, this might be a good idea. In other cases, players need to focus more on the all-rounder. This way, anyone can be sure to cover most of the base, which should allow them to thrive in any situation.

That's what makes Leafeon so powerful. Not only is this Pokemon a great all-rounder, but it has the highest base defense of any Eevee evolution available. After all, who doesn't want a Pokemon that's fast, strong, and impossible to hit?

1. Sylveon

PLA Sylveon

For the most part, Sylveon and Leafeon are identical except for the different types they possess. However, this lovable Fairy-type is an excellent all-rounder with high HP, high special defense, and special attacks that can be added if players allow Sylveon to benefit from the Modest Nature in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

The drop in attack power is well worth it, and many players will find the Sylveon to be a force to be reckoned with if focused and developed to suit the player's style and party. Buy PLA Pokemon now!