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IconWhat are the best Grass-type Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet?

Grass-type Pokémon are often in odd positions. On the one hand, you can usually get Grass-type Pokemon early on and use them against threats like Ground-type and Rock-type Pokemon. On the other hand, they can only hit three types of super-effective damage while being vulnerable to five, making them risky to use.

Still, Grass-type Pokémon can definitely stand out in many encounters if you can build your team around them. In fact, some Grass-type Pokémon bring unique traits that other types can't! If you're looking to add a powerful Grass-type Pokemon to your team, consider one of the options below.

Note: The list does not have "Best Pokemon". All can beat the game, so use what you like. This list also doesn't take competitive battles into account, since the best Pokemon will change as the metagame changes. The Pokemon below were chosen for their ease of use, as well as the unique strategies they bring to your team.

Best grass-type Pokémon

This evolved form of Sprigatito is a charming grass/dark type physical attacker. On the one hand, its seven weaknesses make it difficult for Meowscarada to lead your team as an all-rounder. On the other hand, it has a strong offense out of the box and can outrun almost anything with its incredible speed. Its signature move, the Flower Trick, is especially great, as it bypasses any debuffs that reduce accuracy and always hits for lethal damage. This type of sustained damage makes the Meowscarada great in any fight it can.

Mewoscarada naturally learns Grass, Dark and Fairy type moves for impressive coverage. That said, you can also give it moves like thunder, brick breaking, or acrobatics to round it out.

Arbolivia checks nearly every box a grass type should have in your adventure. This is the fully evolved form of Smoliv, which you can find immediately after completing the tutorial at the academy. Plus, what it lacks in speed it makes up for with powerful special attacks and impressive size. Plus, its signature moves and abilities have fantastic synergy with each other.

Arboliva activates the seeder after taking damage and plants grass on the battlefield. That alone boosts grass move damage, but Arboliva also has Terrain Pulse in its move pool. While this itself is only 50 base power, its power is doubled in active terrain, and its type will correspond to the field. This means the Arboliva can handle a consistent 100 base power of grass attacks and terrain bonuses, which is scary. You might want to teach it Giga Drain to recover from the damage it takes, but it will naturally learn Mega Drain to help in the early and mid game.

If you don't want to evolve a Pokémon like Smoliv to where it evolves, Flapple is an eye-catching grass type. Its base form, Applin, can be found early in the game, but if you're looking for it, you'll probably need to craft a sandwich to increase the rate at which Dragon-type Pokémon appear. Although Applin itself is weak, it can evolve instantly by using Tart Apple. This can be purchased from Delibird Presents after earning 3 Gym Badges.

Yes, this is a Grass/Dragon type Pokemon that synergizes well with Grass types. While it's very weak to Ice Pokémon, the Dragon Type gives Flapple greater resistance to Water, Grass, and Electric Pokémon, while also making it neutral to Fire-type attacks. What's more, its signature move, the Grav Apple, is powerful without any setup, and it will naturally learn flight and dragon-like attacks to fill its move pool. If you want Flapple to sweep enemies, give it Dragon Dance to boost both its Attack and Speed stats.

Defensive Pokemon like Toedscruel are usually more trouble than clearing the main game's worth. It's not until you're in a competitive metagame that you might want to stall your opponent. That said, Toedscruel has one major exception that sets it apart from the competition: Spore.

This move causes sleep with 100% accuracy, which helps a lot in catching wild Pokémon. What's more, Toedscruel's ability, Mycelium Might, allows status actions to hit Pokemon that are normally immune to it. This has the awkward side effect of forcing Toedscruel to move last when using state moves, but items like Leftovers should help keep it healthy. The Toedscruel's special attacks aren't bad either, and it naturally learns a range of powerful grass and ground-type attacks to activate. If you want to catch everyone, strongly consider using Toedscruel for your team.

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