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IconThe Best Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide

When it comes to the best Tera Types, the Flying tops the list. Flying-type Pokemon are completely unaffected by anything from the ground, including terrain, and have borderline resistance to both Fighting-type and Grass-type. With these immediately available advantages, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet put a unique spotlight on these ace pilots.

Immunity to ground-type attacks gives Electric-type a unique advantage, and its resistance to fighting makes it a must-have for some Pokémon. Balloon hats have many uses, but there are a few who fly the highest with the Tera Crown.

Pokemon SV

8 Pachirisu
If there's one Pokemon with a scalp for the sky, it's Pachirisu. As one of the most infamous competitive Pokemon, the Flying Tera crown brings exciting viability to this incredible supporter. Since it's only weak to Ground-type attacks, the immunity it's given as a Flying-type has strong defensive utility.

Additionally, its ability Volt Absorb means that the Electric attacks that would normally threaten it as a Flying-type heal it instead. Anytime you have support Pokemon that heals itself when hit with super effective attacks, it presents a massive advantage, which is what makes Pachirisu a prime pick for the hot air hat.

7 Grafaiai
Another pick for the blimp beret is this talented trash panda. Grafaiai is one of the more unique support Pokemon introduced in Paldea, and its Prankster ability gives it a variety of competitive applications. Its unique move, Doodle, copies the abilities of an opponent for both itself and its partner, making it a common companion for Pokemon like Slaking, whose typical Ability may not be favorable.

As one of the few Prankster Pokemon critically weak to Ground, Terastallizing into a Flying-type gives Grafaiai critical longevity, which can be the difference between setting up Slaking to sleep or sweep. It also allows it to counter Slaking's Fighting-type threats with super-effective force. Simply put, Grafaiai paints a very pretty picture with the Flying Tera Crown.

6 Raichu
While Pikachu may be the most famous Electric rat with balloons on its back, it's actually its evolved form that really makes the most of it. Raichu is a fantastic support, with access to Fake Out, Nuzzle, and Eerie Impulse. As an Electric-Type, it's only weak to Ground-type attacks, but a Flying Type Terastallization turns this into an immunity.

Additionally, with its ability to Lighting Rod, it's immune to Electric-type attacks and draws them away from their intended target, which can be particularly advantageous as a Flying-Type and for your allies. While many Electric-types benefit from the Flying Tera Crown's Ground-type Immunity, Raichu's ability to redirect super-effective attacks and support its Earthquake spamming partners makes it a unique fit for the Flying Tera Crown.

5 Magnezone
One Pokemon that's particularly attracted to the Flying Tera Crown is Magnezone. With its base 130 Special Attack, it's often vastly underestimated, and a Flying Type Terastallization can help capitalize on that.

Despite the fact that it floats, this mighty magnet doesn't get Levitate, and as a Steel/Electric-type, it's four times weak to Ground attacks. But with balloons on the brain, it instantly becomes immune and helps mitigate its Fire-type weakness. It's the perfect way to keep this robot running, which puts it pretty high on the list of Flying Tera users.

4 Garganacl
Flying fortresses are typically pretty terrifying, and Garganacl validates that with the Flying Tera Crown. This sentient salt stack has more than a few solid Tera options, such as Poison, and the Flying Tera crown is a fine fit as well.

It's one of the most defensive Pokemon in the game, but it can be easily threatened by both Fighting and Ground-types. However, as a Flying-type, both of these are either resisted or rendered completely ineffective. Since Garganacl's survivability is key to its success, a Flying-type Terastallization provides the defensive utility it needs to keep its opponents salty.

3 Talonflame
Another hot pick for the Flying Tera Crown is this fiery falcon. Talonflame's typing and ability make it one of the staple offensive supports in the meta, and Gen Nine seems to be no exception. With its Gale Wings ability, Talonflame can fire off Flying-type moves with priority, including Brave Bird.

The increased Same Type Attack Bonus (or STAB) boost granted by the Flying Tera Crown allows this base 120 power move to hit with both increased priority and lethal force. It's one of the best offensive uses of a Flying Tera Type, which makes Talonflame a top pick for the sky-bound crown.

2 Tyranitar
Johto's favorite pseudo-legendary is yet another prime pick for the high-flying hat. While you may think the Ghost Tera Crown is the best pick for Tyranitar, the Flying Tera Crown has become more popular for a number of reasons. Like most Flying Tera users, Tyranitar gets a lot of utility out of a Ground-type immunity. With its weakness to both Grass and Fighting-types, the resistances gained from a Flying Type Terastallization provide unique defensive advantages and critical survivability.

Despite not having any Flying-type moves in its kit, Tera Blast is a strong enough option to merit taking up a move slot and offers an effective counter to common threats like Amoonguss, Iron Hands, or Meowscarada. The Flying Tera Crown gives unique offensive and defensive versatility for this sandy pseudo kaiju, which is why it's one of the best options for a Flying Type Terastallization.

1 Roaring Moon
If there's one Flying Tera user that soars above the rest, it's Roaring Moon. While its present-day form floats naturally as a Flying-type, this primitive predator is Dragon/Dark, giving it the same typing as Hydreigon without the Levitate ability. With Earthquake being such a common move choice in the competitive meta, Salamence Senior can give itself a natural Ground immunity with a Flying Type Terastallization.

The Flying Tera crown also has a massive impact on its offensive potential as well. Since its most commonly seen holding a Booster Energy, Roaring Moon typically uses its held item as soon as it enters the field. Because it's no longer holding an item, the power of the move Acrobatics is doubled, making it hit incredibly hard after the additional boost from a Flying Terastallization. By modernizing its typing, Roaring Moon becomes the most powerful threat to don the Flying Tera crown.

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