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IconScarlet & Violet Pokémon: Best Pokémon Tera Raid Battles

10. Azumarill

Azumarill may look adorable at first glance, but the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon has emerged as a serious combatant in the Gen IX games, and easily one of the best Pokémon for Tera Raids. As a Water/Fairy type, Azumarill brings some glowing type advantages to the table, including tough Dark, Dragon, and Fire types.

Azumarill can run Belly Drum strategies, with its Attack stat being boosted even further thanks to the Huge Power Ability. Play Rough and Hydro Pump will often lead the moveset, but a varied movepool can make Marill's evolution especially useful in most scenarios. Trainers just need to recognize that Azumarill is susceptible to quick knockouts from Poison-, Grass- and Electric-type moves.

9. Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl became a mainstay on the competitive circuit upon its release in Gen VIII, and its support capabilities are being utilized once again in the Gen IX games. The Fairy/Dark typing means that Grimmsnarl is only weak to Fairy-, Steel-, and Poison-type Pokémon and brings a unique blend of offense and support.

Grimmsnarl can bring Reflect and Light Screen where appropriate, while Taunt, Torment, and Spirit Break also provide value to the team's overall efforts. Its varied offense also makes it a safe bet for most scenarios, and it is even completely immune to the ominous Dragon and Psychic typings. Grimmsnarl just has to be wary of Steel, Fairy, and Poison.

8. Kingambit

Kingambit is another strong Pokémon to emerge as a favorite in recent raid events. With both the Dark and Steel typings at its disposal, Kingambit packs an impressive nine type resistances and two immunities, with it only being weak to Fighting, Ground and Fire.

Kingambit can work well as part of a team with moves like Metal Sound and Snarl disrupting the Tera Raid Pokémon, but its true value lies in all-out offense. The 135 base Attack stat speaks for itself, with Iron Head, Kowtow Cleave, Giga Impact, Stone Edge and Brick Break bringing type coverage in heavy-hitting physical moves.

7. Slowbro

As another strong Water-type option to take to Tera Raids, Slowbro brings bulk and the powerful Psychic typing to the table, but also is a prime example of the Stored Power strategy. Stored Power has proven itself in Tera Raids, where the user will buff their own stats, adding gradual weight to Stored Power, before releasing for extra damage. Slowbro is fortunate to have Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, and Amnesia — three moves that are perfect for this strategy.

Slowbro has healing capabilities with Slack Off, Heal Pulse and Drain Punch, serious type coverage in its movepool and can even run Trick Room. Slowbro has so many potential loadouts that it always deserves consideration. Its Speed and five type weaknesses are its only drawbacks, but don't detract from its overall usefulness in Tera Raids.

6. Corviknight

Corviknight emerged as a surprise package for the past Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Tera Raids, and has since remained a solid option. The Steel/Flying Raven Pokémon serves as a bulky support player, with its value lying in Taunt, Metal Sound, and Nasty Plot, making life difficult for its opponents.

Corviknight only has two weaknesses of its own to Fire and Electric, and can respond in kind with Steel and Flying offense. Corviknight has a bulky Defense stat of 105, making it seriously resilient and tough to knock out. Reflect and Light Screen are also good options for multiplayer Tera Raids, reaffirming Corviknight's importance in a supporting role.

5. Iron Hands

Iron Hands is one of the many new Paradox Pokémon introduced in Scarlet & Violet and is an Electric/Fighting take on the Gen III Arm Thrust Pokémon, Hariyama. Iron Hands brings sheer offensive power to the table for Tera Raids, with Belly Drum and Drain Punch being a solid option for many Tera Raids and scenarios.

Iron Hands is the best option for any Tera type with a weakness to Fighting or Electric, as Wild Charge and Thunder Punch can be heavy-hitting alternatives against Water- and Flying-types. Iron Hands remains one of the best Tera Raid Pokémon in most situations, only needing to be wary of those with Fairy-, Psychic- or Ground-type moves.

4. Perrserker

Perrserker can easily be overlooked as an option for Tera Raids, but players can get a Galarian Meowth as a gift from Mr. Salvatore and level it up to become the Steel-type Viking Pokémon. Bringing a Perrserker with the Hidden Ability Steely Spirit is usually the play, but with critical hits being the central focus of previous Tera Raid events, Battle Armor is an exceptional alternative.

Perrserker can be even more useful to teammates with the likes of Helping Hand and Taunt, while Screech and Swords Dance can ultimately enhance the damage made by its physical moves. Perrserker's Steel typing gives it ten type resistances, an immunity and only three weaknesses. The lack of a second typing really helps it out and makes it one of the best Tera Raid Pokémon.

3. Miraidon

Violet's cover Legendary Pokémon, Miraidon, is actually a lot more effective in Tera Raids than its Scarlet counterpart. Miraidon has the Hadron Engine Ability that initiates Electric Terrain, which then enhances its Special Attack stat. A Miraidon holding an Electric Seed can boost its Defense when in Electric Terrain, perfect for staying in the fight.

Miraidon can then use Charge Beam and Electro Drift to apply the pressure with further boosts, while Parabolic Charge serves to regain lost HP. Miraidon's fourth move can then give it a bit of variety away from its overwhelming Electric offense. Miraidon is still considered one of the best Tera Raid Pokémon, but its Scarlet counterpart Koraidon is also worth considering for a more hands-on and physical option.

2. Annihilape

Annihilape is certainly one of the more popular introductions in the Gen IX games, and now it has serious worth and viability in Tera Raids. Annihilape is one of the best Tera Raid Pokémon in most scenarios, especially when its Defiant Ability can flip a potentially negative situation on its head.

Annihilape thrives when able to boost its own stats with Bulk Up, reducing those of the Raid Pokémon with Screech, while taking damage gives Rage Fist more power for when it is finally unleashed. Annihilape can even restore any HP it loses thanks to Drain Punch, and the formidable Fighting/Ghost-type should be able to last the duration. Screech and Rage Fist should be good enough to get it through most Tera Raids.

1. Gholdengo

Gholdengo is undeniably one of the better introductions on a stacked roster in Gen IX's Scarlet & Violet for a multitude of reasons. Gholdengo's Ability Good As Gold gives it a degree of immunity to most status moves, which can help it focus on unimpeded offense. Nasty Plot can raise Gholdengo's Special Attack stat by two stages, while Recover can help to keep that HP up.

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