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IconPokemon trainer finds most explosive Shiny hunt in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

While many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans are hoping to get their hands on the DLC, as the wait for more content continues, others have taken up common pastimes like the Shiny Hunt, spending time in Paldea.

Thanks to Generation 9's world encounter system, Shiny hunting has changed a lot from past games--especially now that many Pokemon have unique behaviors within the world.

Recently, a trainer took advantage of one of these unique behavioral traits of Voltorb to make it easier for Shiny to hunt ball-shaped Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainer's shiny Voltorb hunt is explosive
A short clip posted on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit shows a trainer's method of hunting Shiny Voltorbs by simply running up to them to trigger their explosion animation.

Trainers ride their Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet, skimming the borders of Voltorb so they can get their attention but not spark a fight. This causes the Voltorb to start blinking until they eventually explode.

Admittedly, they won't be in the world when Gen 9 Voltorb explodes. This allows for more new Voltorbs to spawn on the field, meaning that the next batch of Shiny can appear much faster than encountering other wild Pokémon.

It turns out that in some cases, other Pokémon quickly disappear from the world as well. In fact, another trainer commented that they seek out Sandyghast when it rains, because the Sand Heap Pokemon melt in the rain, similar to the way Voltorb explodes.

One fan broke down why this method works besides speed, saying: "Since it doesn't count towards burst counts, it's a viable strategy. Seems like a picnic reset would be faster, but if that makes It’s okay for people to enjoy it more.”

So players looking for a Shiny Voltorb should definitely try this trick to speed up the process. As long as they don't mind seeing tons of spherical Pokémon exploding, that's it.

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