​Pokémon BDSP: Which are the best Pokémon? Top Six

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) have hundreds of powerful monsters to catch and train throughout Sinnoh, but a few stand out. Many Pokémon games revolve around catching the most powerful Pokémon, but the best monsters usually come down to an even distribution of power, design, popularity, and uniqueness.

Pokémon BDSP is a remake of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl game released in 2006. The game's biggest challenge is Cynthia, considered one of the series' strongest champions and one of the toughest fights. To defeat her, players must make sure they build the best possible team, but should still enjoy the monsters that accompany them in the game. With hundreds of available Pokémon to catch, it can be difficult to identify specific creatures to train and which to keep in the PC Box. Here are the best Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, ranked.

#6 Infernape is the best entry evolution

The Fire/Fighting-type is common in starter Pokémon, but Infernape is widely regarded as an excellent addition to any BDSP team. Not only is the Sinnoh severely lacking in viable fire types, but Fire starters have historically maintained their status as a popular choice for every generation. The Pokémon BDSP's Infernape features a variety of moves, making it the trainer's first choice for building combat teams from scratch. Infernape's unique markings on the ankles, wrists and chest give this fire shape a beautiful aesthetic without being overbearing with patterns and details. Its use in elite quads and previous gym battles makes Infernape one of the best additions to the BDSP.

BDSP Infernape

#5 Spiritomb is worth the effort

Most Pokémon in the Pokemon BDSP is captured in the wild or through static encounters, but Spiritomb has a dedicated questline that players must complete to encounter it. After acquiring the Odd Keystone, players must explore the Pokémon BDSP's Grand Underground and battle 32 designated trainers. However, there are some discrepancies as to what the encounter on this mission contributed. Players are advised to save before interacting with the stone tower if they are not keeping track of their encounter, to prevent facing an unprepared creature and failing to capture it. While the chance to catch Spiritomb can be painful, its varied moves and ability to set up long-term defeats for opposing teams through status effects and massive defenses. Its design, story and utility make Spiritomb a great addition to any BDSP team.


#4 Togekiss is a great fairytale genre

Fairy-type Pokémon is the latest addition to the BDSP, changing the type chart and posing a huge threat to the series' beloved dragon-type. Nintendo created new monsters of the fairy type for Gen 6 and added the type to familiar creatures like Clefary and Togepi. As a result, Togekiss becomes a more helpful creature to add to its own team in the Gen 4 Remake. Togepi's evolution line maintains a pure look with steady design progression and meaningful evolution. With 120 Special Attack and 80 Speed, it can quickly become the team's best attacker, making it an excellent choice for defeating Cynthia's multiple Pokémon in the BDSP Champion Battle.

BDSP Togekiss

#3 Lucario is a mighty force

Lucario is one of the most popular Pokémon in the series, and the creature has appeared in its own movies and is often seen in popular character parties throughout the anime. Additionally, Lucario was ranked second in the 2020 Pokémon Popularity Poll. Its power, speed, sleek design and unique typing make it a dynamic addition to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl parties.

Like Spiritomb, Lucario is also present on Cynthia's team during the Championship Battle and can be used against many other Elite Four Pokémon. With the Fighting-Steel dual type, Lucario can get a variety of moves, only weak to fire, fighting and ground attacks. For trainers looking to acquire one of Sinnoh's most popular and powerful Pokémon, Lucario is a must-have for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


#2 Dialga & Palkia Are Excellent Legendary Pokémon

The legendary titles of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl both provide a powerful addition to any party and represent the pinnacle of the game's storyline. Acquiring the title provides players with a significant advantage over many opponents and ends up being one of the biggest events in the game's story. Dialga & Palkia are powerful monsters in their own right, but they are unique to their respective versions and can only be obtained by trading the opposite game versions. While both have strong stats, their design and status as kings of time and space make them the most influential monsters in the Pokémon universe. The lore of these beasts and their title as legends make them some of the best monsters to get in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, even if players don't include them in their final team.

BDSP Dialga & Palkia

#1 Garchomp is the best Pokémon

Garchomp is a famous Pokémon for being Cynthia's ace in the BDSP's championship battle. As a Dragon-Ground dual type, it features a series of powerful moves that make it face devastatingly powerful in the final stages of the game's main campaign. Its design and evolution lines symbolize Shenao's many powerful monsters and showcase some of the most destructive offensive moves in the game. While the creature can be difficult to train and work within the early stages, its usefulness later in the game pays off and equips players with some of the best Pokémon the Sinnoh region has to offer.

BDSP Garchomp

Pokémon BDSP provides players with hundreds of unique monsters to capture and fight. While it's unlikely fans will see the National Dex return in a Pokémon game, these are just a few of the many powerful, well-designed and exciting creatures that can be caught in the remastered Sinnoh region. Players may have opinions on the best Pokémon of this generation, but the above retains the useful moves, personal stats, designs, and stories that represent BDSP and Sinnoh. You can Buy BDSP Shiny Pokemon at PKMBuy.com.