​PKMBuy - Which new Pokémon from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer is your favorite?

In the new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, not only did we get a November release date, but in addition to the three new launch Pokémon, we also got to see some brand new "monsters"! Trainers have discussed this information, new Pokémon are new to us, but everyone likes them differently.

This new trailer brings us three new regular Pokemon as well as two-star legends. Below we take you to understand them.

three new launch Pokémon


In fact, this is most likely a "Pikachu clone" of your generation. Those warm little eyes radiated happiness. And we couldn't resist the little bit of fur on his head - we just wanted to go in and loosen it up a bit! If we're really picky, something different than electric cheek pouches might be a good choice. But for me personally, he still can't replace Pikachu's place in my heart.


Ah, the social media star. Lechonk might just be one of the best Pokémon names ever, and we can't resist a good laugh pun. We can continue talking about Lechonk here - sad eyes, brown marks on the face, pink nose and toes, and a tiny tail.

Pig Pokémon's evolution line has often been affected over the years, so we hope Lechonk gets the perfect evolution it deserves, otherwise we'll never evolve ours.


Food Pokémon might get some hits and misses, but Smoliv is definitely on the sweeter side. Its jagged mouth, hollow eyes and wobbly posture make it look very anxious - and we will do everything in our power to protect it. Whatever you do, please don't try to knock it over.

We do want to see this little guy with a smile on his face, though. Don't tell us it's their only emote, Game Freak, we'll worry about him until we get the game! Even if they could go a week without food or drink, we would still be worried!

It was a very strong showing after our grass/fire/water trio, who already made a strong first impression in February.

The Pokémon Company is more careful about the details of the Scarlet and Violet legends, but let's meet them too, shall we?

Koraidon and Miraidon

Koraidon and Miraidon

Definitely two of the most interesting legendary designs we've seen in a while, with a very striking color palette. All we had to do was look, and the first impression was pretty dazzling.

The Koraidon on the left has a nice prehistoric bird/lizard design. Does it also have a smug smile on its face? Well, with feathers like this, we might as well feel pretty smug. The color mix is also just right – white and black on the body and tail, and blue and pink on the feathers – as it breaks up the boldness of the red.

Miraidon is even more unnatural - in a good way! Is it energy or current passing through it? Its purple "skin" looks metallic. It is floating. There's a lot of unusual stuff going on here that's really interesting - like someone got Lunala and Zekrom dirty together and added some robotic parts. The pixelated eyes are just the icing on the cake, and we love the different shades of purple and glowing yellow on them.

So, with all we know about these new Pokémon, there are still questions, have Wooloo and Morpeko been replaced by Lechonk and Pawmi? Did Koraidon and Miraidon beat Zacian and Zamazenta? Most importantly, who's the best Pokémon you've picked from Scarlet and Violet so far?

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