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​PKMBuy - What do trainers want to see in the next Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer?

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are set for an official release on November 18, 2022, with a pre-sale soon to follow on August 4, when a new trailer may appear. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are probably the most advanced iterations of Pokemon to date, most players like Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Legends: Arceus a little more than Pokemon BDSP, and the open world has become a favorite point for players.

Even though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are coming out in a few months, previous trailers have told everyone that no one knows much about the new Pokemon and the open world after them. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks and rumors have gotten out of hand over the summer. Fans probably know a lot about the game by now, or their expectations weren't set correctly. No one knows for sure, and it feels like there should be another trailer by now. With all the talk about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are some important details that should be clarified in the next trailer.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

What are the gimmicks of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

One of the biggest concerns for Pokemon fans is that the new gimmick will define the 9th generation of Pokemon games. Since the introduction of rotation and a triple play in Pokemon Black and White, there's always been some sort of combat stunt that's been around for a generation or two before leaving. This includes the popular Mega Evolution, Z-Moves and Dynamaxing. One might argue that Pokemon Legends' altered turn system is one of them. Rumour has it that Scarlet and Violet will introduce mid-term changes to the combat genre, possibly involving Pokémon being restored or evolving into future or past forms.

It's also not the only time-based gimmick that fans have been waiting for. There's also been a lot of discussion about what kind of gimmicks affect the wild gameplay of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Time travel is once again a popular theory, and has been backed up by the different past and future aesthetics of Pokemon Professor and Box Legends. The mechanic is ripe for solving puzzles and expanding the number of Pokemon that can be captured in an area. It also caters to players playing different versions of the game in the same space and can be used to allow Crimson players to capture Violet-exclusive Pokemon and vice versa. For now, players just have to wait and see what surprises these new Pokemon games have to offer.

How will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be constructed?

Speaking of time travel affecting the realm, how Pokemon Crimson and Violet will unfold remains somewhat ambiguous. Supposedly, players will be able to step into the open world and even challenge the gym. This kind of control has never been in the hands of the player before, in which case there may be other players running around. How these elements fit together is unclear, and fans are concerned about how travel and progression will be handled. It's great to see part of the player's journey actually play out in the trailer.

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Part of that is again due to rumors, but it's also a real logistical issue. It's unclear if the gym will actually expand as players progress, so it's possible they're challenged ahead of their power curve and getting too strong for the early is real. It's also unknown how geo-progress will be limited, and whether you'll need to get traditional useful machines or ride Pokemon before parts of the open world actually open up. Pokemon Crimson and Violet could have become so different that it confuses fans who have spent decades using the Pokemon formula. The demo is to give the whole community an idea of what they're getting into.

Silence rumors and confirm features

Most importantly, it would be great if the community had a firm grasp of what was and wasn't in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The first task should be to confirm whether various leaks and rumors are true. A major rumor is the existence of Convergent Pokemon or "regional fakes". These Pokemon are different species that have evolved some of the same characteristics as other pets. If this is indeed the latest attempt at a regional variant, it would be nice to actually see it in action. There's also the matter of Crystallized Pokemon, another rumored combat gimmick that enhances one type of action. There is so much misinformation right now that some lies need to be quelled.

With the release date quickly approaching, expect many new Pokemon to appear in the Scarlet and Violet regions. They'll probably release in a few months as usual too, but it feels like the next major trailer needs to catch up with lost marketing time. It would be nice to explain how exactly the latest gym challenge works and who some of the new gym leaders are, and it feels important to show what can be done in shared world multiplayer. Even after all these years, the Pokemon world is still ripe for discovery, and entries leaning toward that potential are sure to impress—as long as those impressive things are actually seen.

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