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​PKMBuy - What are the best Pokémon of each Type in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

While Pokémon Legends: Arceus doesn't put us through as many tough battles as other games, we do need a diverse set of Pokémon to take down particularly elusive creatures.

No matter which genre you prefer to use, you want the best, so we've scoured the entire picture book and found the top picks for each of the 18 genres. Legendary Pokémon are banned because picking them is cheating.

Flying - Staraptor

If you're looking for a bird, you can't go wrong with Staraptor. You can catch Starly almost instantly in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and it has an excellent and varied move pool.

It can blast a hole in anything with its brave little bird, or knock it out in close quarters combat.

Ice - Weavile

Get Weavile in this game, probably without you realizing it, as Hisuian Sneasel evolves into the new Pokémon Sneasler.

However, in the warping of time and space, you can find an ordinary Sneasel and evolve into this ice-type powerhouse. Although it doesn't take many hits, the damage it does more than makes up for it.

Dragon - Garchomp

Don't get in the way of this fearsome land shark.

Rock - Hisuian Arcanine

You have regular Arcanine, a Pokémon that is both scary and cute. What makes Hisuian's form better is to make it fluffier.

Why more fluff makes it the rock genre isn't clear, but we'll ignore that as it manages to turn all of its firepowers into rock.

Ground - Garchomp

No, it's not a mistake that we use Garchomp twice. Garchomp is just that good. If you have any complaints, I suggest you fix it with its huge teeth and pointy knees.

Steel - Empoleon

penguin. Biiiiig penguins. OK

Fairy - Clefable

Hisui is filled with a great selection of fairy types, and in any other region, a Pokémon like Gardevoir or Togekiss might have taken that spot.

But with Legend: Arceus' unique combat mechanics, Clefable has become an impregnable wall for all but the most powerful steel types.

Poison - Crobat

Imagine an ordinary bat. Now imagine someone gave it an extra set of wings and strapped poison knives to all of them. That's what makes Crobat great. Plus, it only evolves if you have enough friendship with it, which means it knows its worth and forces you to gain its powers.

Bug - Scizor

Evolving Scyther into the new Pokémon Kleavor is very tempting, but don't ignore what we already have. As long as you don't put it in the fire's path, the Scizor is fast, powerful, and surprisingly bulky.

Normal - Hisuian Zoroark

This Hisuian form takes Zoroark's cool black and red design and somehow turns it into a cooler white and red combo.

Also, Normal/Ghost is an excellent type that provides three immunities and one weakness. It will wreak havoc on any battlefield.

Fighting - Lucario

It's a big dog with spikes on its hands, what more could you want?

Dark - Umbreon

In fact, most of this list could be filled with Eevee and its Eeveelutions, but to be fair, we've only picked one, and it has to be Umbreon.

Despite its small and sleek profile, you'll be amazed at how well it takes a hit. It's not the biggest damage dealer, but it can use a variety of stalling moves to keep you going for a long time in combat.

Ghost - Gengar

Mismagius is a strong contender for this spot, but Gengar is a classic Pokémon, and we can't deny its brilliance. It might be a bit of a glass cannon, but what's the point of a powerful Pokémon like Gengar if you can't have fun?

Psychic - Alakazam

The Guardians of the Lake wish they could be so powerful. No other Psychic Pokémon can match it with special attacks through the roof, matching speed, and access to a ton of supporting moves.

Plus, if it gives you a spoon and it makes everything you eat taste delicious, why would you want any other Pokémon?

Electric - Magnezone

Luxray may stand out in the looks department, but Luxray can't isolate the 12 different types like Magnezone.

It's not just a tank either, with moves like a thunderbolt and a flash cannon under its belt there's nothing to hold it back for long.

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Grass - Roserade

Hisui grass fans don't have many options aside from Rowlet as a starter, but the faithful Roserade can make up for that.

It has a nice special attack stat to help with moves like Sludge Bomb and Flower Dance, plus its bouquet hands hide poison ivy, which is neat.

Fire - Infernape

Crazy powerful moves? Replacing hair with fire? monkey!

Water - Gyarados

If Gyarados is in a Pokémon game, it's one of the best Pokémon you can catch in that game. It's that simple.

It looks great, it has incredible power, and everyone keeps forgetting it's the flying type, so you can correct them smugly. There are no downsides.

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