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​PKMBuy - What are the advantages and disadvantages of Fire/Grass Types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon games often introduce completely new features because they can change the rules of the game, such as Mega Evolutions or Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing. There are many important Pokemon battle parts in the game, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could revolutionize Gen 8's metadata in many ways, one of which could be Gen 9's Pokemon roster. Although very little is officially known about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet due to the news drought since the release of the first and second trailers, there have been multiple rumors online about what critters and gimmicks Gen 9 will include.

An example comes from the leaked-type combination of the three debuts of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, hinted at by a well-known insider with a solid track record. The leaker is known as Riddler Khu, and they recently claimed that Gen 9 will have the first fire/grass hybrid Pokemon species, something fans have wanted for a long time, especially with the launch of Pokemon X and Y Who is a fire/water hybrid after the mythical Pokemon Volcanion. It's unclear what type of Pokemon the rumored fire/grass dual type will be in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but its unique type combination would make it a very interesting addition to the series.

Fire/Grass Types Pokemon

Why Fire/Grass Type Pokemon could be powerful in Gen 9

A Fire/Grass-type Pokemon can be a powerful asset in a number of ways, one of which is its offensive abilities. Looking at the type table for Pokemon Sword and Shield, likely to remain the same in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the fire/grass creature has extensive type coverage through its STAB action alone, and this doesn't include potential attacks from other types of Pokemon that might will learn. In fact, the Fire/Grass Type can do double damage to Ground, Rock, Bug, Steel, Water, Grass, and Ice Pokémon, as well as neutral STAB damage to 9 types.

This is especially good because it covers several popular types such as Ground, Steel, Water, and Grass, which are often chosen for their strong offensive or defensive abilities. It's also great to have a damage advantage over rock, as it's one of the types that deals super effective damage compared to a fire/grass hybrid, meaning one can still have an advantageous one depending on playstyle and stats Matches are not bad matches. Having Fire/Grass types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is also ideal for those who want to choose Quaxly as their starter, as these two Pokemons will cover all three starter types.

Another fantastic combo for Fire/Grass Pokemon is setting up multiple terrain and weather effects at once, hypothetically, and using them to the player's advantage through actions like sunbeams. For example, a fire/grass Pokemon with drought can be very powerful in the final stages, as it can set up a terrain that enhances its neutral damage moves, but deals STAB damage when using them. Another great ability for the fire/grass hybrid is White Smoke, which prevents stat drops applied by opposing actions and abilities, and it's quite a fire-type perk.

For the grass side, a fire/grass hybrid can use abilities like Grass Surge, which creates a grass shape for five turns when a Pokemon enters the battlefield. Being a grass creature also gives this critter the chance to move like Leaf Blade, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, and Spore, which can be devastating in any mainline Pokemon game if used properly. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are likely to be no exception, though it remains to be seen which abilities and moves make it through again in Gen 9.

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Weaknesses of Generation 9 Fire/Grass Type Pokémon

However, Fire/Grass Pokemon does have its weaknesses, some of which are quite unpleasant. Fire/Grass Pokemon, for example, take super damage from the Fly, Rock and Poison moves, which are currently one of the best types in the game due to their coverage and Overall good move. While Rock and Poison don't usually see that many matches in competitive play, they're certainly not uncommon types in the wild, and one of them is likely to be found in one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's gyms.

Also, Fire/Grass Type critters only do half as much damage with their STAB movement against other fire and dragon types, and this is where the real disadvantage in the end game comes in. Dragons are fairly common in endgame content and some of the best Pokemon in the game, such as various pseudo-legends and true legends from every generation. This makes the type combo a good one, but also easy to defeat in some fights, especially considering that flying and rock types are fairly common even as non-STAB attacks.

Overall, it would be fun to see a fire/grass Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, many fans have been thinking it might look a lot like Sunflora, a Gen 2 critter. Another theory is that it could be an evolution of Smoliv, which fires fiery oil at enemies, but that doesn't seem to be the case according to Riddler Khu, who says this new combination won't have anything to do with the lovable Olive Pokemon at all. At the end of the day, while it has its weaknesses, the fire/grass hybrid has a lot of strengths to make up for it, and it would be a good one to catch and fight.

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