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IconPKMBuy SV - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sandwich Recipe Guide: Get Shiny Pokemon

Shiny hunting has never been easier than Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Overworld shinies mean players can encounter hundreds of Pokemon per hour without ever getting into combat, Shiny charms are easy to come by, there are only 400 Pokemon in the dex, and a new hunting method dramatically increases those odds.

This new method is making sandwiches. Believe it or not, players can make special sandwiches when hosting a picnic to increase their chances of finding a shiny sandwich. Players don't even have to own a Shiny Charm to reach insane heights.

However, discovering these sandwiches on your own is a bit of a challenge due to the sheer number of ingredients at the player's disposal. That's where this guide comes in, showing players the easiest way to use the Sparkling Power 3 to make a sandwich.

Base Odds; 1; 1/4096
Shiny Charm; 3; 1/1365.67
Sparkling Power 3; 4; 1/1024.38
Sparkling Power 3 + Shiny Charm; 6; 1/683.08
Sparkling Power 3 + Shiny Odds + 60 Cleared Outbreak; 8; 1/512.44

Best Shiny Sandwiches with specific Herba Mystica

Bug:    Cherry Tomatoes    Salty x 2
Dark:    Smoked Fillet    Salty & Sweet
Dragon:    Avacado    Salty x 2
Electric:    Yellow Bell Pepper    Salty & Spicy
Fairy:    Tomato    Salty x 2
Fighting:    Pickles    Salty x 2
Fire:    Basil    Salty & Sweet
Flying:    Proscuitto     Salty x 2
Ghost:    Red Onion    Salty x 2
Grass:    Lettuce    Salty & Sour
Ground:    Ham    Salty x 2
Ice:    Klawf Stick    Salty x 2
Normal:    Chorizo    Salty x 2
Poison:    Noodles    Salty x 2
Psychic:    Onion    Salty x 2
Rock:    Jalapeno    Salty x 2
Steel:    Burger    Salty & Sweet
Water:  Cucumber  Salty x 2

Best Shiny Sandwiches with specific Herba Mystica

Best Shiny Sandwiches with any Herba Mystica

1. Use one Tomato + Onion + Green Bell Pepper + Hamburger
2. Select any two Herba Mystica
3. Use two of the ingredients listed below for the desired type

Normal    Tofu
Fire    Red Pepper
Water    Cucumber
Electric    Yellow Pepper
Grass    Lettuce
Ice    Klawf Stick
Fighting    Pickle
Poison    Green Bell Pepper
Ground    Ham
Flying    Prosciutto
Psychic    Onion
Bug    Cherry Tomato
Rock    Bacon
Ghost    Red Onion
Dragon    Avacado
Dark    Smoked Fillet
Steel    Hamburger
Fairy    Tomato

How to get Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

While some ingredients can change in these recipes, one thing is constant: the need for two Herba Mystica per sandwich. But unlike all of the other sandwich ingredients, players can’t buy these at a store.

Instead, players have to complete five & six-star Tera Raid battles for a chance to earn Herba Mystica as a reward. Five-star Tera Raid battles are unlocked after you beat the main story, and six-star raids are unlocked after you beat the post-game story.

That being said, beating a high-level Tera Raid battle doesn’t guarantee an Herba Mystica will drop, meaning players will likely have to complete various raids to earn Herba Mystica for their shiny hunting endeavors. Or you could get lucky and have multiple Herba Mystica drop from a single raid.

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