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IconPKMBuy - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's latest Pokemon reveal is Bellibolt

Earlier this week, we were introduced to Iono, Paldea's electric leader. More than life, Iono, who appears to be a part-time streamer, played a "who's that Pokemon" game, offering some hints about the "monsters that will fight beside them." The clues they provided point to a cute but sluggish creature that generates electricity by expanding and contracting its abdomen.

This points several players at some sort of frog, as if they were right. The giant green, black and yellow amphibians release electric currents from bulges on their heads that, while resembling eyeballs, are actually more of a camouflage.

Despite its amphibious nature, Bellibolt is a purely electric type, ignoring potential ground or water secondary types we might expect based on expectations. That said, it appears to be able to learn some ground moves in addition to motorized moves - in another trailer we see it confronting Croagunk with moves that look like Mud Slap, a common ground move type mobile. It also looks like it will use its impressive quality for some normal or combat moves, and will even be able to use sound-based moves like belly drums.



Category: EleFrog Pokemon​
Type: Electric​
Height: 3’11” (1.2 m)
Weight: 249.1 lbs. (113.0 kg)
Ability: Electromorphosis / Static

Bellibolt expands and contracts its elastomer, generating electricity in an organ that looks like a belly button. The large amount of electricity generated in this way is then released from two eyeball-like protrusions on the sides of its head.

Its actual eyes are small and round, so it makes good use of the eye-shaped bumps when trying to be scary. Like some amphibians and fish, some of its body parts are actually organs that produce and discharge electricity.

Its "belly button" is an organ that generates electricity, which then shoots out of "eyeballs" on the sides of its head.

Its English name is a combination of the words "belly" and "bolt". This probably refers to the fact that its electricity comes from its belly. Scarlet and Violet is set to release on November 18th, and judging from previous videos and some leaks, it's worth looking forward to.

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