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IconPKMBuy - Pokemon event lets players get Pokemon for free across multiple games

Pokemon is no stranger to free Pokemon giveaways in the storied history of the Monster Catch series. Especially with the advent of online gaming, The Pokemon Company regularly distributes free promotional Pokemon as mystery gifts or through promotions with retailers. Pre-order and early-purchase rewards also often see special Pokemon thrown into the pack, with players able to acquire Pokemon with unique looks or abilities. Now, Pokemon's latest sale is giving fans a Clefairy, but there's a big catch in its availability.


The Pokemon Company recently announced that its next Pokemon release will feature free Clefairy for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players. Promotional Pokemon will have a powerful set of special moves, including attacks like Moonblast and Zen Headbutt. So far, however, the promotion has only been confirmed in Japan, where players can get Clefairy from the Pokemon Center store. The event will begin early next month on September 3rd and run until September 11th. The Pokemon Company has yet to confirm whether Clefairy will be available globally.

The promotion won't be exclusive to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Pokemon Sword and Shield and Legends: Arceus players can also get Clefairy. For players who choose Clefairy in Legends: Arceus, the Pokemon moves differently, with the Metronome and Moonlight replaced by Swift and Shadow Ball. No details about Clefairy's abilities, levels, or other special perks related to promoting Pokemon have been confirmed outside of its mobile settings.

Serebii Update: Clefairy will be distributed to Pokémon Sword, Shield, Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends Arceus in Japan on September 3rd as part of a massive Pokémon Center sale.


The free Clefairy is the latest in a series of Pokemon releases at major retailers. GameStop, which frequently offers players promo codes to get exclusive Pokemon, has previously hosted shiny Zacian and Zamazenta events. Nintendo's own Pokemon Center store also regularly hosts distributions of more than just in-game Pokemon, with the opening of Pokemon Center in the UK receiving a commemorative fire-breathing dragon card. Mystery gifts have also become a popular means of distributing digital promotional Pokemon.

Pokemon has been making waves throughout the series throughout 2022, with several high-profile releases and updates throughout the year. The launch of Pokémon Legends: Arceus was a resounding success in January, and the next-gen video game is confirmed with the release of Scarlet and Violet later this year.

PS: Trainers can add Ash’s Dragonite to their copies of Pokémon Sword and Shield! The Mystery Gift code is UM1N0KESH1N and it’ll be active until Thursday, September 8th, 2022.

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