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IconPKMBuy - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Unveil That Ghostly-Type Dog, Greavard

Yesterday, a mysterious streamer appeared on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, titled "????".

There's a Gengar in the thumbnail, and with Scarlet and Violet less than a month away, fans are guessing we'll see a ghost-type Pokémon.

In fact, multiple ghost types are on display, including a new species! The new trailer is shot from the perspective of a trainer at Naranja Academy (the school in Scarlet) who is looking for the ghost type. They were hanging out in the forest at night and bumped into a Mimikyu, Gengar, and...a candle on the ground?

It wasn't until the Pokémon suddenly appeared that it was discovered that it was not a candle, but a dog with a candle on its head! Really surprised! It's a little funny again, but it's cute.


Category: Ghost Dog Pokemon
Type: Ghost
Height: 2′ (0.6 m)
Weight: 77.2 lbs. (35.0 kg)
Ability: Pickup

Usually, Greavard hardly moves, resting quietly underground. It sticks the highest part of its head out of the ground, emits an eerie glow at its tip, and waits for someone to approach. When a person gets close, Greavard jumps off the ground with a creepy cry that will startle most unsuspecting people—though it doesn't appear to do this with ill intent.

Greavard's personality is so friendly and affectionate that even the slightest attention can make it so overjoyed that it follows the trainer wherever they go. It's known to be especially easy to befriend all the Pokemon that inhabit the Paldea region.

However, Greavard will slowly absorb the life force of people around you inadvertently, so it is best not to play too much. What's more, it has powerful jaws that can crush bones. Getting bitten by a Greavard can be serious - so trainers are advised to approach it with caution.

With November 18th, the release date of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is getting closer. For, we will still serve every Pokemon fan, no matter which Pokemon game you like. Trainers can buy SWSH Pokemon here, as well as Buy Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon news is always updated, thank you for reading.