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IconPKMBuy - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet reveal new mechanics


We still don't know a lot about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but a new trailer revealed during the 2022 World Championship sheds more light on how the Gen 9 game will shake up the competitive scene in some big event approaches. Plus, along with a bunch of new items and details on Teratal's transformation, we've got our first look at everyone's favorite new big boy lizard, Cyclizar, which may or may not evolve into the game's colorful, legendary mount.


But first, new combat mechanics. Here's a quick breakdown of the new tactics available to Scarlet and Violet players this fall:

Terastallizing changes a Pokémon's type to a hidden Tera type
Tera Blast is a normal type attack learned from the TM, which becomes Tera type during deformation
The newly held item Mirror Grass will match the opponent's attribute boost once per battle

The newly held item Cloak of Cloak protects Pokémon from additional movement effects
New hold item loading dice make multi-hit moves hit more times
New move Shed Tail Creates a decoy while your Pokémon switches on the bench

These items are especially important. Mirror Herb will make opponents think twice about using moves like Sword Dance, while Loaded Dice will make moves like Bullet Seed even more powerful, adding even more to the arsenal of competitive Sleep Doctors like Breloom.

The transformation of Terastal is also important. The trailer seems to confirm that you don't need to waste space on items you're holding to use Terastallize during combat, and Tera Blast is a great example of what could make this mechanic a game changer. In the trailer, Tyranitar starts out as a Rock/Dark type, switches to a Ghost type after Terastallizing, and then uses Tera Blast to unleash a Ghost-type attack. In addition to changing its damage type, it also suddenly has the upper hand against its natural enemies like bugs and fighting types.

That got a lot of players excited about the new strategic possibilities in Gen 9, but the trailer also sparked plenty of fan theories surrounding Cyclizar. The Dragon and Normal models are native to the Paldean region and feature twisted metal-style wheel attachments to carry trainers over long distances. It also looks a lot like Koraidon and Miraidon, Scarlet and Violet-exclusive Legendary Pokémon that were previously revealed to double as player mounts.

This has led some fans to speculate that Cyclizar may have had a split evolution and actually transformed into Koraidon or Miraidon at some point. Others have speculated that, given the suggestion that Scarlet and Violet involve time travel, Cyclizar may actually be the current-era form, while Koraidon is the ancient form, and Miraidon is the version that exists in the future.

Cyclizar is a mounted Pokémon that can be ridden like a bicycle: "This Pokémon has lived in many Paldean families since time immemorial," the Pokémon Company tweeted on Sunday. "It can sprint at speeds in excess of 70 mph while carrying a human rider." Like the previously announced rideable Pokémon Koraidon and Miraidon, Cyclizar has a giant wheel-like appendage on its chest.

Whatever Cyclizar's backstory is, it provides fans with a more efficient fodder than the other options: bashing Pokémon's graphics again. Some players are already poring over the latest trailer and complaining about some of the aesthetic trade-offs compared to Sword and Shield. It's also a bit frustrating that the new game's shots and character movements in combat don't seem to flow as freely as in Pokémon Saga: Arceus. Just wait for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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