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IconPKMBuy - Monsters revealed by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet add up to 37 Species

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th, which is less than a month away, and many fans are excited to experience the Gen 9 game hands-on to discover more about the Paldea region and capture the creatures that live there. Speaking of Pokemon coming in November, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have only revealed 19 Pokemon prior to release, which is a very low number compared to past mainline game news cycles - especially Pokemon Sun and Moon. It may have been a marketing ploy, but the Pokemon Company has become more silent and quiet over time, starting with Pokemon Sword and Shield and then Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Very few Pokemon have been revealed so far, and fans looking forward to playing Gen 9 can't plan ahead for their teams, especially if they haven't kept up with the many leaks and rumors that have surfaced online over the months. For now, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have only revealed 13 or more Pokemon of the 18 types, with one other from Koraidon, which is supposedly based on the leaked dragon/fighting hybrid. Of the 19 officially known organisms so far, the total number of species that are said to have evolved from them is 37, but only half of them are known to the public.

Explaining Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's official critters and their leaked evolutions

Of course, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will each evolve twice at launch, which already accounted for 9 types of Pokemon before launch. Typically, the Pokemon Company prefers not to reveal the final phase evolution of the initial phase, with a mixed track record for the intermediate phase, but based on the company's recent behavior, it's unlikely to be shown before release. The 9th-gen creature that has been popular since its first appearance is the Lechonk, and while it's said to evolve into the same Pokemon regardless of gender, the aesthetic is really different.

Lechonk is said to have evolved only once, and its evolutionary line accounts for two species. The other early route Pokemons appearing in the early trailers for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are Pawmi and Smoliv, both of which are said to have evolved twice, just like beginners. Pawmi's evolution was also apparently leaked early on by a leaker named Kaka, whose information was largely corroborated by Riddler Khu, by far the most trusted source in the community. Thus, Pawmi and Smoliv share 6 species, bringing the total to 17.

Cetitan, Grafaiai, and Bellibolt are all similar in the sense that they are the second and final stages of their respective evolutionary lines, meaning they make up the other six species in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Pokedex. This also applies to Armarouge and Ceruledge, which evolved from the same base Pokemon but have different forms depending on the version being played, accounting for the other three species. Allegedly, like Lechonk, Fidough, Paldean Wooper, and Wiglett, they all evolved once, which means they're responsible for six other Pokemon species.

Only Klawf, Cyclizar, Farigiraf and box Legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon are left. None of these critters seem to have evolved, and if it really is the base form of the legendary, then Cyclizar is the only oddity. Also, Farrejiraf evolved from an existing Pokemon, which doesn't count. These Pokemon bring the final count to 37. Overall, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could have done a better job of showing more Pokemon or more revealed states.

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