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IconPKMBuy - How to Get Ditto in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Ditto is a Pokémon that many players want, especially for IV breeders and Shining Hunters, but Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have a new way to get them compared to the original DS games.


Ditto is not available in Pokemon BDSP until Sinnoh Dex is complete. Unlike other Pokemon games, this can be done by just seeing Pokemon instead of catching them. This means Pokedex can easily fill up by fighting in-game trainers and exploring the wild. After all 150 Pokémon are registered, visit Professor Rowan, and Dex will be upgraded to National Dex.

After getting the National Dex, it's time to grab Ditto. Using the Pokeradar feature on Poketch on Route 218 west of Jubilife City will give you a 12% chance of finding a normal type of Pokemon. This is the best option for finding a higher IV ditto to help develop combat readiness. There is also a small chance of finding ditto in the Dazzling Cave or Starlight Cave hideout in the Great Underground. If it doesn't spawn in the hideout, leaving and re-entering the room has a chance to appear as above.

How to catch ditto in Pokemon BDSP

On Route 218, Ditto can be found at level 29 or 30. At this point in the game, it shouldn't prove to be a difficult game. When Ditto "morphs" using its signature moves, it takes on the look, movements and sounds of an active Pokemon.

Using the mobile False Swipe will bring the Ditto down to just 1 HP to make capturing easier. Chances can stack further by inflicting Sleep, Paralyze, or Freeze status effects. Using a Super Ball, Night Twilight Ball or Repeat Ball will increase the chance of adding a Ditty to the box once a Ditty has been caught. Using Pokeradar allows players to capture high IV ditto for nurturing combat-ready teams.

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