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IconPKMBuy - How to Catch a Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Many trainers are big fans of Charizard, one of the most well-known Pokemon, and you might be disappointed to hear that the fan-favorite flying/fire-type Pokemon isn't readily available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But, do not worry! There is still a way to get Charizard, albeit quite difficult.

Catch a Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Charizard activity time
Remember, this is a limited-time event. Available hours are as follows:

December 1-4, 2022
Return: December 15-18, 2022

beat the game
First, you need to beat the game and earn points. To do this, you must complete three story threads and all post-thread events.

Here's everything you need to do to beat the game:

complete the road to victory
For Nemona, beat all Gyms, then complete the Champion Evaluation and beat the Elite Four and Geeta.

Complete the legendary path
For Arven, find and defeat all Titans, feed Herba Mystica to Miraidon/Koraidon, power it up and gain new movement options in the open world.

Complete Starfall Street
For Cassiopeia, defeat all Team Star leaders, then face Cassiopeia.

complete the way home
After completing the first three storylines, meet Arven and head to Zone Zero and clear it, which will roll the credits.

After finishing the game
Once you're done playing, you'll be prompted to join a new tournament, but first Geeta needs help.

Now that you're done with the game, here's everything you need to do to unlock the ability to challenge the Charizard:

Defeat eight gym leaders again
After the credits are over, you'll be able to head to the director's office, where you'll talk to the other main characters and take on quests to challenge Chairman Geeta's eight gym leaders. With luck, you'll be able to quickly fly to each gym and knock them out quickly.

Go back to school and beat the Academy Aces Tournament
Return and challenge for the school's tournament, which includes four back-to-back battles. Beat it and you'll get a call to move on to the next step.

Complete 10 different 5-star Terra raids
After beating the Academy Ace Tournament and getting a call from your homeroom teacher, you'll be asked to challenge 10 different 5-star Tera Raids.

Unfortunately, there's no way to tell how many stars a Tera Raid has, so just run around areas with lots of Tera Raids and tap on them to determine their difficulty. If they are 5 stars, finish them and move on.

Once you've completed all 10, you'll unlock black 6-star raids around the world, and why we're here; the ultra-difficult 7-star raid Charizard is part of.

Find the Black Dragon Charizard Marker in the Overworld
Once you've unlocked all of these, you'll need to find the Charizard yourself. But that's far from the end of the challenge, as the 7-star "Invincible" Charizard has the "Strongest Mark" tag, reaches level 100 with perfect stats, Dragon Terra types, and many powerful moves, including Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Overheat, Hurricane, Dragon Pulse and more.

There are also hints to help you along the way: Charizards are very tough, deal a lot of damage, and absorb a lot before going down. Take a very strong Pokémon that is both resistant to and very effective against Charizard, like Azumarill with great strength and belly drums, or a Pokémon with great attack power and self-healing abilities, like with belly drums And the iron hand that drains the fist.

The Charizard captured in these raids will be Lv. 100 and have the most powerful sigil, indicating that it was captured in the Seven Stars Raid. It will also have Charizard's hidden ability Solar; perfect base stats; and a humble personality, which is ideal for Charizard. The raid rewards are also really good, which is why it's worth doing it multiple times. You'll get a bunch of Calcium, a vitamin used to boost Special Attack EV, and a chance at an extremely rare Ability Patch that changes a Pokémon's ability to a hidden ability (and vice versa).

You can find your own Charizard raids on the Paldea map, marked with a pink outline, just like the six-star raids. If you don't see the Charizard raid crystal on the map, please connect to the internet. You'll have to load up the Tera Raid Battles menu through the Poké Portal, trying it out more than once a day; you can do it with friends when they host their own daily raids, or with strangers online.

The Seven-Star Raid will only be available to players who have unlocked the Six-Star Raid after completing part of the game. But those who haven't done so aren't out of luck: they can join these raids via multiplayer groups or link codes.

One of the best strategies for seven-star Charizard raids is to run it with an optimized high-level Azumarill (Fairy and Water types). Because this Charizard is a dragon, it is weak against fairy moves; moreover, due to Azumarill's water attribute, Azumarill can resist Charizard's fire attribute attack.

As with the six-star raid, we recommend using the Azumarill with its massive strength ability, investing in its HP and attack stats, and giving it a Sitrus berry so it can heal itself once during the raid. It needs to know to move the Belly Drum, which drains half of the user's max HP and maximizes its attack stat; you can use the Mirror Herb item to teach your Azumarill the Belly Drum with the new egg movement method. After using Belly Drum in a raid, you'll want to use Play Rough, an Elven-like physical attack to hit the Charizard for super damage. When it comes to Terastallize, you'll want your Azumarill to have a Fairy Tera Type to further enhance Play Rough's powers.

As with any raid, be sure to take the time to cheer so you can heal yourself and your teammates. It's also a good idea to do "Stay the course!" Cheers to boosting your team's defense and special defense stats, because this Charizard packs a punch. (It does Overheat, Fire Blast, Hurricane, Sunday Day, and some dragon moves that don't affect Azumarill; it doesn't Solar Beam, so you're safe!) You can also teach your Azumarill Rain Dance to counteract Charizard's "Sunny Day" boosts its fire attacks, but beware: Hurricane is a flying special attack that always happens in the rain.

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