​PKMBuy Guide - Find Scyther and complete Request 51 in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

After making some progress in the main storyline of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it's important to return to Jubilife Village and check for new requests. Like most games, side quests are not required to be complete, but they offer different rewards that can help players in the main story. Additionally, those who want 100% completion will want to find and complete every side quest that Pokemon Legends: Arceus has to offer.

Request 51 will not appear until the player is able to surf the water with Basculegion. More specifically, players need to unlock the Cobalt Coastlands and help Palina and Iscan. Anyway, once the Basculegion can be summoned with the Celestica Flute, go to the Obsidian Fieldlands and check for the request icon on Ramanas Island.

Where can I find Scyther in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

If Request 51 is available to loot, the player will see a member of the Diamond Tribe named Hiemo who is picking flowers on Ramanas Island. Talk to him and he'll want a "Pokemon with a scythe on each arm," aka Scyther, a Bug/Flying-type Pokemon, and pre-evolved forms of Kleavor and Scizor.

However, even if the player has the scythe in the ranch, they will not be able to give the scythe to Hiemo unless it is at the party. So, transfer to one of the Obsidian Field camps, add Scyther to the party and head back to Ramanas Island.

For those without Scyther, the Mantis Pokemon can be found in the open space to the right of the Grandtree Arena. If players want Alpha Scyther, head to the southernmost point of the Grandtree Arena. It doesn't matter what type of Scyther player joins their team - they just need one to showcase Hiemo.

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Talk to Hiemo with Scyther from the team. He'll want to keep Scyther to help him pick flowers, but then he'll realize there was a misunderstanding and "return" it to its trainer. So it doesn't matter if the player "gives" him an Alpha Scyther (or even a Shiny), because he won't take it anyway. This completes Request 51, and he gives the Mastery Seed as a reward.

Alpha Scyther

Request 51 Rewards

Pokemon Legends: Arceus adds a different combat mechanic. Pokemon can now "master" moves, which allows them to attack using either Power style or Dexterity style. Using Power/Agility to move will use 2PP instead of 1PP.

When a Pokemon first learns a move through leveling or coaching, the move is usually not "mastered", meaning they can't use the Strong/Agility style. To master an action, players can either level up their Pokemon until they master said action, or use the Mastery Seed.

The Mastery Seed is a new item that instantly "masters" a Pokemon's moves. These cannot be used alone, so the player must talk to Zisu at the training ground and select "I want to master a move". As long as there are Mastery Seeds in the warehouse, she will train the Pokemon of the player's choice. Players can earn more Mastery Seeds by defeating/capturing Alpha Pokemon or by completing specific requests.

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