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IconPKMBuy - Every Blue Stakes Location Guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

After completing the main storyline of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, you may be wondering what to do next. You'll be happy to know there are 4 more Legendary Pokemon up for grabs, each with their own specific color and shrine. To get these super-exclusive Pokémon, though, you'll have to unlock the shrine associated with their color.

If you are looking for how to find Blue Firescourage Shrine, you are in the right place. We'll discuss where to find all the Blue Stakes, Firescourage Shrine.

Blue Stakes Location Guide

What is Blue Shrine
The Firescourage Shrine is a deep blue and hard to miss. The Shrine has 8 stakes throughout the map, capturing all of them will allow you to confront Chi-Yu. In this guide, we'll discuss where to find all these Stakes, saving you the trouble of turning over all the stones on the vast continent of Paldea.

Where to Find All The Blue Stakes
Defeating the Sky Giants and Pseudodragons to climb and swim is a must for this side quest, but we also recommend unlocking the Koraidon / Miraidon travel ability to make it easier to travel from one place to another.

The Stakes are spread across the Eastern and Northern Provinces, some of them on top of Glaseado Mountain and within the Tagtree Thicket. The specific locations of all Stakes are as follows:

Blue Stake 1 Location
The first Blue Stake is located in the northeastern part of the Paldea region. It's still under North Province (Area One), but you might want to be prepared before heading out to this part of the map. The nearest city to this Stake is Montenevera, and there should be a small river running inland from the sea to the ground further south; the Stake should be on your left if you're looking out at sea.

Blue Stake 2 Location
The second Blue Stake can be found in the middle of the hill that lies at the center of North Province (Area One). It’s located right near the text “North Province (Area One)” written on the map.

Blue Stake 3 Location
The third Blue Stake can be spotted southeast of Glaseado Mountain in the Tagtree Thicket area. You can find it in the northern part of the Tagtree Thicket, right above the lone river that flows through.

Blue Stake 4 Location
The next Blue Stake is located west of Tagtree Thicket and South of Glaseado Mountain. Head to the mountainous part of Glaseado Mountain and look for a small green outgrowth on top of a rocky mountain.

Blue Stake 5 Location
The following Blue Stake can be found northeast of Levincia, near the sea. The Blue Stake is perched atop a small hill and faces a tree.

Blue Stake 6 Location
The sixth Blue Stake is located inside a ruin, next to two pots, in the North Province (Area Two). It's at the top of the letters “w” and “o” of “Area Two“, which is almost near the edge of the map.

Blue Stake 7 Location
The next Blue Stake can be discovered at the top of a mountain in North Province (Area Two). It’s near the only Pokemon Center in the area, right to the northeast of it.

Blue Stake 8 Location
The final Blue Stake can be found at the top of another mountain in Fury Falls. This one will be neatly sandwiched between North Province Area One and Two. Specifically, you'll find it to the south of the Pokemon Center of North Province (Area Two).

How to find and open the Blue Shrine
After you finally find and activate all 8 stakes, you must head to the Blue Firescourage Shrine.

Where is The Firescourage Shrine Located
Firescourage Shrine is located in the Northern Province, also known as Paldea Area Two. It's located in a cave at the top of Fury Falls, southeast of the area's Pokémon Center.

Completing the Academy's history lessons along Raifort's storyline will give you the exact location of the Sanctuary on your world map, allowing you to quickly travel to the area.

The quickest way to get to the Shrine is to fly to Fury Falls and then climb up the mountain where the falls descend. Near the top, you should see a small pool and a tunnel. This tunnel will take you to the cave that contains the Temple of Firescourage.

Be careful in this cave, you'll find it crowded with smaller Pokémon that will try to force you into a series of fights as they surround you.

How to open The Blue Shrine
Once you've successfully bypassed the Pokémon occupying the cave and made your way to the Blue Firescourage Shrine at the end of the cave, walk up to the shrine and interact with it. After some rumbling and cool animation, you see the Legendary Chi-Yu.

While the whole process does feel lengthy, it has the added bonus of being completed once it's done, and it also makes for a fun gaming experience; the best of both worlds. Having said that, don't forget that this is an open-world game with a beautiful aesthetic, so if you get tired, go explore! If you want Legendary Chi-Yu, instead of catching it yourself, you can buy any shiny Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at PKMBuy.