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IconPKMBuy - Ceruledge vs Armarouge, which one is better in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?


The latest trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet contains a ton of relevant information about the Gen 9 game and the Paldea region, including three major storylines already teased and three new Pokemon. Storyline is an important part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet because the way the Gen 9 game is built allows players to work through content in sequence. While one of the paths is a more traditional Gym challenge, Gen 9 seems to have added a questline about the newly introduced Raid Star, as well as another set of quests to find a rare ingredient called Herba Mystica, which This ingredient can be found in Titan Pokémon.

One of Gen 9's Titan Pokemon is Klawf, a rock-type crab whose habitat appears to be a deserted area of ​​Paldea. Klawf is featured in the fifth trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet alongside Armarouge and Ceruledge, critters exclusive to the shared pre-evolution. In terms of design, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may have gone too far with Armarouge and Ceruledge, as they look more like Mega Man characters than Pokemon, as many fans have pointed out. Nonetheless, both seem to have become popular, and it's worth exploring why Ceruledge is better than Armarouge in many ways.

Ceruledge and Armarouge


Comparing Armarouge and Ceruledge from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

First, according to its design and descriptions on the official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet website, Ceruledge fits the prototype of a fast physical attacker, while Armarouge is a special attacker with higher defense attributes. Although both have the exact same weaknesses across the five types, they do have different resistances, and Ceruledge is better overall thanks to Ghost being a better secondary type than Psychic. Not only that, Ceruledge is immune to normal and fighting moves, while Armarouge isn't, unless there's a major change in Pokemon Crimson and Violet's type combo, which is unlikely.

In Pokemon games, fast Pokemon are better than slower high defense monsters most of the time, a good example comes from the 8th generation competitive scene where the Calyrex Shadow Rider is miles ahead of the Calyrex Ice Rider. Calyrex is a Legendary Pokemon introduced in the Crown Tundra DLC, and depending on the player's choice, it can take the form of a Shadow Rider or Ice Rider, not too different from Armarouge and Ceruled's versions. In terms of combat efficiency, Calyrex Shadow Rider is faster and has better attack stats and destructive moves overall, while Ice Rider is slower in form but bulkier, which makes it less popular and less relevant.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Armarouge is also weak against Ceruledge, but its psychic moves deal normal damage to it. Also, Armarouge's signature move lowers its defense to deal more damage, which is a pretty bad thing in Pokemon games, as damage dealt still affects one's stats, and lower defense means Take more damage before the Pokemon switch. This means that Armarouge's power-up move may still deal less or the same amount of damage than Ceruledge's most powerful attack, but it removes the benefit of using Armarouge by lowering defense.

In the end, Ghost is a more valuable type than Psychic, which doesn't do damage to dark types - much worse than Ghost can't damage normal types. In general, using Armarouge seems to have major drawbacks, while Ceruledge seems to be a very solid option with a chance of being a serious contender as well. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Pokedex seem to be filled with interesting critters and genre combinations so far, and especially considering what's going on with various alleged leaks, Ceruledge is easily one of the fan favorites in the long run .

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