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IconList of Pokémon in 1-6 star crystal: Appearing Pokemon's rarity levels in Tera Raid Battle

The tera raid battle in the indigo disk is divided into 7 star levels, and some of the pokémon will only appear in the higher star level crystal cavern, here's an introduction to the pokémon that appear in different rarities of the tera raid battle in the indgo disk, let's find out more.

Each rarity level's unlock contitions:

 1-2: Initial (will not appear after clearing)
 3: Obtain three gym badges
 4: Obtain six gym badges
 5: After completing Area Zero and watching the ending
 6: After completing the academy ace tournament for the first time, complete the 4-Star crystal more than 10 times (black crystal, appear once a day after unlocking)
 7★: Limited group battle activity (connect to the internet once within a period of time after unlocking the 6-Star crystal, black crystal with glowing halos)

List of reward

1-Star tera raid battle (lvl 12)

Blitzle  Snubbull  Exeggcute  Chinchou  Joltik  Scraggy  Espurr  Horsea  Tyrogue  Pikipek  Oddish


2-Star tera raid battle (lvl 20)

Trapinch  Solosis  Dewpider  Elekid  Doduo  Tentacool  Cottonee  Minccino  Milcery  Seel  Magby


3-Star tera raid battle (lvl 35)

Gloom  Alolan Grimer  Alolan Sandshrew(v)  Galarian Slowpoke  Chinchou  Alolan Diglett  Rhyhorn  Shieldon(v)  Porygon  Minun  Seadra  Inkay  Comfey  Trumbeak  Alolan Vulpix(s)  Drilbur  Golett  Duosion  Beldum  Cranidos(s)  Alolan Geodude  Plusle


4-Star tera raid battle (lvl 45)

Vileplume  Dewgong  Granbull  Vibrava  Male Meowstic(s)  Female Meowstic(v)  Araquanid  Lanturn  Electabuzz  Galvantula  Tentacruel  Dodrio  Whimsicott  Bastiodon(v)  Zebstrika  Bellossom  Metang  Scrafty  Magmar  Rhydon  Rampardos(s)


5-Star tera raid battle (lvl 75)

Kingdra  Rhyperior  Electivire  Porygon-Z  Porygon2  Hitmonlee  Metagross  Hitmonchan  Skarmory  Lapras  Excadrill  Duraludon  Golurk  Reuniclus  Flygon  Alcremie  Malamar  Minior  Magmortar  Exeggutor  Hitmontop


6-Star tera raid battle (lvl 75)

Kingdra  Rhyperior  Alolan Sandslash(v)  Alolan Muk  Galarian Slowbro  Galarian Slowking  Electivire  Porygon-Z  Porygon2  Whimsicott  Metagross  Alolan Ninetales(s)  Skarmory  Lapras  Excadrill  Alolan Golem  Duraludon  Golurk  Kleavor  Reuniclus  Alolan Dugtrio  Alcremie  Flygon  Overqwil  Malamar  Magmortar  Alolan Exeggutor