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IconHow to get the Partner Mark in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are using the Mark system that was first introduced in Sword & Shield. These special icons are rare and give the Pokemon possessing them a special title when thrown into battle. While similar to ribbons, players will find Marks a little bit differently.

Pokemon SV

A large number of Marks are randomly assigned to Pokemon when they are caught in specific conditions. For example, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players who catch a species in the rain will have a potential 1 in 50 chance of getting the Rainy Mark. Some Marks are much harder to get than others, and some even require certain goals to be met before the Mark can even have a chance of generating.

Below is everything Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players need to know to get the rare Partner Mark, and how it affects a companion’s title. Players can also check out our Sandwich guide, path order breakdown, and TM crafting walkthroughs to help add in exploration through the Paldea region.

How to earn the Partner Mark in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
In a new Twitter post by Sibuna_Switch, players finally have the specific conditions needed to obtain the Partner Mark.

As explained by Sibuna_Switch, players will need to accomplish the following to have a chance to earn the Partner Mark in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

Earn 200+ Friendship points with the desired Pokemon.
Walk 10,000 steps with the desired Pokemon in the party to roll the 1 in 100 odds to obtain the mark.
Repeat until obtained. This can be done repeatedly on the desired Pokemon until the Mark is earned.
Once obtained, the battle intro for the Pokemon will read: “Reliable Partner”.

The poster also adds that Flying and Jumping do not count as steps, so players will have to grind steps while exploring in order to roll the chances for the mark. Thankfully, Paldea is a large region with plenty to explore, so players will amass the needed steps relatively quickly.

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