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IconHow to get Partner Mark?

Partner Mark in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet is a very rare item, if you are interested, here is the obtain method, hope to be able to help you.

From the beginning of Pokémon Sword and Shield, the official introduction of the concept of Mark, but at that time,Mark was generally obtained randomly when catching Pokémon, and was unavailable to get after that.In Scarlet/Violet, for the first time, there can be for the Pokémon refresh the two marks, Gourmand Mark and Partner Mark.Partner Mark due to the higher randomness, here are the details.

Acquisition Conditions:

Condition ①

A Pokémon with affection of at least level200

Condition ②

pokemon in party then walk 10,000 steps.

Available probability:

1/100 chance per 10,000 steps.

Effective capture methods:

1.Refresh affection

The easiest and quickest way is to picnic then eat sandwich, you can also refresh a Gourmand Mark. It is recommended that ignore the condition of 200 affection,just eat sandwich directly until get full Affection, going to the square of Cascarrafa to find a girl who brings Marill then will get a Partner Mark.

2.Refresh your steps

It's possible to get mark when Pokémon in party while hatching eggs, but it's very inefficient. I suggested that find an empty space next to the Mesagoza Pokémon Center and using a rubber band then turning in place to refresh the number of steps. The disadvantage is that this damages the joystick. I tested then found you will get a mark average 3-5 hours.

Points to note:

1.Walking and ride form both counted as steps, so there is no need to cancel ride form after refreshing the number of steps.Some strategy stations wrote that ride form does not accumulate steps, I tested it was wrong.

2.Climbing and gliding in ride form do not count as steps.

3.If you restart the game after archiving, the accumulated steps will not be interrupted. However, it is not clear whether the accumulated steps will be interrupted when the Pokémon in party been put into the box, but according to my test, it will be interrupted.

4.Whether you get it or not has nothing to do with the sequence of the Pokémon in party, it can be obtained with a high probability by fulfilling the conditions.

5.Releasing the Pokémon in your party can also be obtained, but does not require the peer Pokémon must to be released to follow,if the Pokémon following,it will not increase the probability of obtaining but peer six Pokémon will have a chance to obtain.

6.The odds of getting a Partnew Mark do not depend on whether you have the Soothe Bell or not.

7.When you get the mark , it is automatically weared on the Pokémon then wear manually. Therefore, all you have to do is check the third page of Pokémon's ability to see if it is certified.

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