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IconHow to get a shiny Cyndaquil? Mystery Gift released again!

Part 1: How to get a shiny Cyndaquil?

First fly to the Polar Rest Area then across the river to find the cave.

Defeat the fixed location Duraludon after entering the cave.

Have a picnic with your back to the circled triangle area then start to make sandwich in place,I recommanded Red Pepper+Salty Herba Mystica+Spicy Herba Mystica or Basil+Salty Herba Mystica+Sweet/Sour/Spicy Herba Mystica, after done, please wait in place for 20 to 50 seconds then you will find a mass of Cyndaquil.



If all non-shiny, you can make sandwich again until you find a shiny one, I used 2 times then caught a shiny Cyndaquil!


Part 2: Mystery Gift 


TM223 Metal Sound X 10

・Via Internet
・Expiration date: Until version 3.0.1 updated patch been repaired


Quick Ball X 30

Password: G0TC-HAP0-KEM0-N

Expiration date: Until February 28, 2025


Expert Belt X 1

・Password: SUPE-REFF-ECT1-VE
・Expiration date: Until February 28, 2025

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