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IconHow to get a Member Card and its uses in Pokemon BDSP

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) have the coolest Legendary Pokemon in the franchise's history. Guys like Giratina and Darkrai are pretty cool. Any trainer will be delighted to have Dark Legendary Pokemon in their party. Problem is, unlocking them is also tricky, and in some cases requires special items to encounter them. Everything you need to know about the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Member Card is explained below.

What is a Member Card?

Member Cards are items that players can use to open locked houses in Canalavi. When viewed in the Packages menu, it looks like a hotel room key card.

The Member Card is an important item because it allows the player to fight and capture the legendary Pokemon Darkrai. This elusive legend is waiting inside the house when you get your Member Card and open the door, so if you want to complete the National Dex.

Pokemon BDSP Member Card

How to get Member Card in Pokemon BDSP?

Member Card/Darkrai events are now available in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Selecting "Get via Internet" will make the Member Card appear as a redeemable item. It is worth noting that after obtaining the Member Card, you need to enter the Sinnoh Regional Hall of Fame and obtain a National Pokédex before you can use it.


How to get the Lunar Wing in Pokemon BDSP?

Before you can get Darkrai with your membership card, you need to get the Lunar Wing first. This can be obtained by visiting Sailor Eldritch's House, two houses south of the Canalave City Coliseum.

visiting Sailor Eldritch's House
A little boy visiting sailor eldritch's house

Enter the room after beating the Elite Four and you'll find a little boy lying on the bed, and if you interact with him, he'll say 'Dar...Dark... Watching me..." Go out and talk to the sailor eldritch on the right side of the house. He'll ask if you can go to Fullmoon Island and get the Lunar Feather for him.

Talk to sailor eldritch to get the Lunar Wing

Head to Fullmoon Island and follow the trail until you reach a clearing with Cresselia. Press A on Cresselia and it will disappear. You can now hunt it down in Sinnoh using the in-game map to catch it.

The Lunar Wing will stay where it is, so pick it up and return it to Sailor Eldritch's son. This will wake up the little boy and allow you to now use the Member Card, which will lead you to Darkrai.


Where to use the Pokemon BDSP Member Card?

After you get your Member Card, you need to go to Canalave City. Here, look for the blue-roofed house due north of the Pokémon Center. Then you can go in and the NPC will talk to you and say they have booked you for a long time. He will then guide you to bed and you will wake up on Newmoon Island. Follow the path and interact with Darkrai before you can fight and catch this legendary Pokemon.

Darkrai is a level 50 Dark-type Pokémon.

Here's everything you need to know about how to get a loyalty card in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. For more tips and tricks, visit our news page. Trainers who want to Buy BDSP Legendary Pokémon or Shiny Pokémon can find them in PKMBuy.