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IconHow to battle with BB Elite Four and get more BP?

When you arrive at the Blueberry Academy, you'll met the academy's Elite Four then end up battling them when you reach the school's entrance and please make sure you have prepared a team in advance.It will easier to clean the stage if you used Pokémon with perfect leavel and evs in double battle.

Here are some tips:

Before you battle with BB Elite Four,you need to earn 50 BP first,each elite costs 50 BP except Drayton.
Lacey and Amarys both easier to pass through.


         Lacey                                                                                Amarys

Lacey's team consists of 78 lvl Granbull,78 lvl Whimsicott,79 lvl Primarina,79 lvl Alcremie,79 lvl Slowbro,80 lvl Excadrill.

 Amarys's team includes 78 lvl Dugtrio,78 lvl Skarmory,79 lvl Reuniclus,79 lvl Empoleon79 lvl Scizor,80 lvl Metagross.


Crispin has a limit that needs to battle with nearby trainers first. After you exchanging some ingredients and cooking something special spicy then will start the challege.

His team consists of 77 lvl Magmortar,77 lvl Talonflame,78 lvl Heat Rotom,78 lvl Exeggutor,78 lvl Camerupt,79 lvl Blaziken.


Before you battle with Drayton,he needs to be defeated three times then will open the challege.In this three battles, all mons must be caught from Terarium Dome, here I recommand three attributes which will be easier to defeat. ICE Type,Dragon Type and Fairy type.The first time battle with Bastiodon and Rampardos, next is Alolan Sandslash and Dewgong, Zebstrika and Magnezone in the end.

His team consists of 78 lvl Flygon,78 lvl Dragonite,79 lvl Haxorus,79 lvl Sceptile,79 lvl Kingdra,80 lvl Archaludon.

                                         (Kieran with his sister Carmine)

The last strong opponent is the Pokémon League Champion Kieran.

His team has Dragonite,Politoed,Porygon-Z, Incineroar,Grimmsnarl,Hydrapple.Trainers, please pay attention to selecting Pokémon reasonably to achieve ultimate victory.

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