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IconHow can Miraidon defeat Blaziken the Unrivaled in three turns?

The 41st Tera Raid Battle event was Blaziken with the Mightiest Mark, granting the title Blaziken the Unrivaled, which appeared at 7★ black Tera Raid crystals. This Pokémon can only be caught once per save file and always has Flying as its Tera Type.

Players need to select Poké Portal from the X menu in Pokémon Scarlet or Violet, then Mystery Gift, and click Check Poké Portal News.After that turn to the The Paldea Region then find the 7★ black Tera Raid Crystals.
To unlock the 7★ black Tera Raid Crystals is play the 4-5★ Tera Raid Crystals ten times. It is best to have a partner with intimidation attribute.If Arboliva here, quit and try again. Then we start the battle,using Metal Sound on the first turn, Blaziken's SpD will drop significantly because holding Weakness Policy will increase SpA. When the Blaziken uses Earthquake,Miraidon will lose half of his HP, directly triggering the Weakness Policy and greatly increasing his special attack. In the second round, use charge directly to increase the power of the electric-type move in the next round. Blaziken will use Earthquake again but may be defeated,  so it is safer to have a Pokémon with Intimidation on the team.If Miraidon is still available,Blaziken will use Sword Dance. This turn you can use Electro Drift directly to catch the Blaziken the Unrivaled.As long as Earthquake is triggered within three turns, Blaziken can be defeated.


Level : 100

EVs : 252 HP & 252 SpA

Held Item : Weakness Policy

Moves : Metal Sound


               Electro Drift

Tera Type : Random


In addition to Miraidon, Bellibolt can also defeat Blaziken, but it takes more turns to do so.

Bellibolt is very simple, just use Acid Spray at the start,then Terastal, keep using Parabolic Charge then players will catch Blaziken the Unrivaled.


Level : 100

EVs : 252 HP & 252SpA

Nature : Bold(+Def -Atk)

Held Item : Metronome

Ability : Electromorphosis

Tera Type : Electric 

Moves : Acid Spray (-2 SpD)

              Parabolic Charge

Bellibolt can learn Parabolic Charge from Dedenne.


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