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IconEaster eggs in The Indigo Disk

1.Talking to 2 members of Team Star at the entrance of Blueberry Academy will trigger the remedial classes storyline, after completing the storyline you will meet Atticus at the Porto Marinada Market and he will sell his original clothing designs through auction.


2.Players can unlock new Charizard Poses in the school store if brings a Pokemon with Mightiest Mark.

3.On the east beach of the coastal area, there is a girl who wants to see a Golem Alola Form, if players meet her demand then will unlock Z-Move.

4.Players can cost BP in League Club Room to increase theme.

5.Lacey is Clay's daughter.

6.Drayton is Drayden's grandson.

7.The hillside of grassland areas exists a Pyroar, he looks like "The Lion King".


8.When Koraidon and Miraidon pass through the Chargestone, spark will appear.

9.Players will get special storyline when players invite teachers to League Club Room.

10.Carmine and Kieran have left the Blueberry Academy. Talking to a passer-by near the BBQs revealed that they took a vacation but did not return to Kitakami. Their whereabouts are currently unknown.

11.Players will get a new pose in 3-2 classroom in Blueberry Academy from a boy, it is Gladion's battle appearance actions.

12.After the player completes the main story of The Indigo Disk, chatting with Amarys, then Koraidon/Miraidon will gain the permanent power to fly. After that, players can fly to the highest Terarium Dome, then they will get three items, Gold Bottle Cap, Ability Patch and some Stellar Tera Shards.

13.There is a Garchomp in the deepest part of Area Zero, players will get a large number of Stellar Tera Shards once they defeat it.   


14.Players can read the professor's notes in the Area Zero Underdepths, there is a note about the smell of sulfur and this smell refers to Crystal Pool, players could take Terapagos to the Crystal Pool then will trigger hidden plot, after done players will be returned to the cover of the game, the pics and music will be changed.