​All Poké Radar Exclusive Pokémon at Pokémon BDSP

The Poké Radar in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) is an indispensable tool to help players catch Pokémon they can't find, including some exclusive Pokémon. The Poké Radar is used to link wild Pokémon encounters. Poké Radar is often used to find shiny Pokémon, as the higher the player's chain, the better the chance of the Pokémon being shiny.

The number of perfect IVs for wild Pokémon also increases with the duration of the chain. Starting at 100 chains, wild Pokémon will have 5 of the 6 attributes, with 31 IVs. In addition to these common uses, Pokémon Radar can also be used to find Pokémon not usually found in Pokemon BDSP.

National Dex and Poké Radar can be obtained after completing the Sinnoh Region Pokédex for Pokemon BDSP. With Poké Radar, players can find exclusive Pokémon throughout the region that wouldn't come any other way. This is helpful for players looking to complete the National Dex or find rare Pokémon. There are a number of Pokémon exclusives in Poké Radar skirmishes, some of which are also version exclusive.

Pokémon BDSP

Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl's Poké Radar-Exclusive Pokémon

Sources such as Serebii have compiled a list of Poké Radar-exclusive Pokémon in Pokemon BDSP. Below is a list of all Poké Radar exclusive encounters, where they are located, and whether they are exclusive to either game version, organized by National Dex number:

Nidoran Female; Route 201

Nidorina; Route 221, Valor Lakefront

Nidoran Male; Route 201

Nidorino; Route 221, Valor Lakefront

Venonat; Route 229

Venomoth; Route 229

Mankey; Route 225, Route 226

Primeape; Route 225, Route 226

Slowpoke; Route 205 (Shining Pearl only)

Grimer; Route 212

Tauros; Route 209, Route 210

Ditto; Route 218

Sentret; Route 202

Togepi; Route 230

Mareep; Valley Windworks

Flaaffy; Route 222

Hoppip; Route 205, Fuego Ironworks

Skiploom; Route 205, Fuego Ironworks

Sunkern; Route 204

Wobbuffet; Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity

Houdoom; Route 214, Route 215 (Shining Pearl only)

Stantler; Route 207 (Shining Pearl only)

Smeargle; Route 212

Tyrogue; Route 208, Route 211

Miltank; Route 209, Route 210

Larvitar; Route 207 (Brilliant Diamond only)

Mightyena; Route 214, Route 215 (Brilliant Diamond only)

Swellow; Route 213

Ralts; Route 203, Route 204

Kirlia; Route 203, Route 204

Nincada; Eterna Forest

Loudred; Mt. Coronet

Aron; Fuego Ironworks (Brilliant Diamond only)

Torkoal; Route 227, Stark Mountain

Trapinch; Route 228

Vibrava; Route 228

Swablu; Route 211

Baltoy; Route 206

Kecleon; Route 210 (Brilliant Diamond only)

Duskull; Route 224

Dusclops; Route 224

Snorunt; Route 216, Route 217, Acuity Lakefront

Bagon; Route 210 (Shining Pearl only)

Some of these Pokémon, like the one above, are very helpful for the Pokémon BDSP and are worth looking for by any player, especially since Poké Radar can guarantee up to five perfect IVs on them. Poké Radar upgrades with the Shiny Charm, making it one of the most useful key items players will get, thanks to its functionality. The exclusive Pokémon that can be found only adds to its helpfulness in the Pokémon BDSP.

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