​PKMBuy BDSP - How to get a Black Belt in Pokémon BDSP

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP), players can obtain a Black Belt as a hold item for their Pokémon to provide passive benefits in battle. Additionally, there are a number of items in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that provide specific types of boosts to the base power of Pokémon moves. For example, Qixiang in the Pokémon BDSP provides a 20% Psychic-like Physical and Special Attack boost.

One of the best parts of these types of attack boosters is that they have the same attack type bonus, commonly referred to as STAB. When a Pokémon uses a move that matches the Pokémon's type, STAB will automatically activate and increase its power by 50%. This is an incredible bonus that allows Pokémon like Alakazam to increase their Psychic Attack from 90 base damage to 135. When Alakazam is holding an odd incense, psychic power is further boosted to base damage of 162. Black Belt offers Pokémon BDSP with a similar effect, but for Fighting Pokémon.

The most competitive Fighting Pokémon in the BDSP can take full advantage of the Black Belt, as it provides a 20% boost to all Fighting moves. Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel-type Pokémon all take twice as much damage as fighting moves. Therefore, if a Fighting-type Pokémon uses a Fighting-type move against any of these types while holding a Black Belt, it can deal 160% of that move's base damage. For example, the Orb will normally deal 80 base damage, but if Lucario uses all of these power-ups, the Orb will suddenly deal 288 damage.

Black Belt in Pokémon BDSP

Where is the Black Belt in Pokémon BDSP?

In Pokémon BDSP, the only way to earn a Black Belt is to meet certain NPC requirements. On Route 221, players will find a solitary house with a blue roof and an NPC. Every day, the character asks to check a random Pokémon of any level between 1 and 100. While players don't need the Pokémon BDSP National Dex to visit this person, they will need to use Mobile Surf outside of combat. Unfortunately, this means that the area is off-limits until the player defeats Fantina, the head of the Hearthome City gym.

In addition to the Black Belt, this NPC also gives the trainer an expert belt and a concentration belt. While this is the only place players can get the Expert Belt, the Focus Belt is also available at the Battle Tower Exchange Counter for 15 BP. NPCs do give each of these items in a specific order, starting with the Black Belt and ending with the focus belt. He doesn't require players to complete these challenges every day, but only one item can be obtained per day, and the next item cannot be obtained until the player receives the previous item in the Pokémon BDSP.

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