​How to increase friendship with Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Increasing Pokemon's friendship can increase 20% extra experience, have a chance to take a blow with 1 HP remaining, have a chance to heal your state, higher evasion rate and higher critical strike rate. Friendship data can even determine the success or failure of a battle.

Friendship data can only be checked by Hammerlocke's friendship checker. When the friendship data reaches the highest, the NPC will say "You are the best friends! I think you are really happy together!" So how to improve the friendship data?

Here are the ways to improve friendship compiled by PKMBuy:

1. Feed the berries

These six berries can enhance Pokemon's friendship: Qualot, Tamato, Pomeg, Grepa, Hondew, and Kelpsy berries. Shake various trees to collect fruit pulp, which will re-grow in one day.

2. Don't give them bitter things

Some useful items can heal Pokemon but at the cost of friendship. These items include energy roots, healing powder, resurrection herbs, and energy powder. Fortunately, these are only four items to avoid. Most are used for treatment and can be replaced with curry.

3. Feed Curry

Curry can not only cure Pokemon, but also increase their friendship. The better the curry, the better the friendship attribute will be improved. Please use rare berries to make the best curry, don't spill it while stirring, and fan the curry flame without burning.

4. Play together

Playing and chatting with Pokemon in the Pokemon camp can also increase friendship. Throw some balls to play catch with them and chat with them.

The above methods can be combined to make the best curry food with Pokemon with the best fruit pulp. During this period, play catch balls with Pokemon and chat with them.

5. Fight together

Make Pokemon the first Pokemon in your team. Every battle will make it more friendly to you. Only through this method to increase friendship requires patience players. It is worth mentioning that don't let Pokemon faint in battle. Fainting will cause Pokemon to lose the friendship. If it is weak, stay away from the fight. Although fighting can increase friendship, friendship is only increased when the Pokemon and the player win in the battle.

6. Send soothing bell

Give soothing bells to increase their friendliness. The Soothe Bell can be obtained from the hammer lock in the building opposite the Pokemon Center. The blond NPC woman will give this item to the player.

7. Invite them to the party

No matter how weak or strong a Pokemon is, it can be solved. If it is strong, it can maintain its position in battle. If it is weak, then it is easy to stay away from harm in the back of the party. However, this will be a very slow process of establishing friendship.

When attending a party, you can let the Pokemon hold the soothing bell and feed it berries that promote friendship.

These are the ways to increase friendship in the organized part. If you have a better and faster way to increase friendship with Pokemon, then you can leave us a message. In addition, if you want to increase your friendship with Shiny Pokemon, you can also Buy Shiny Pokemon from pkmbuy.com, and we will deliver it within 10 minutes after you place your order.