​How to have Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Zarude is one of the rarest mythical Pokemon in the entire series, and players cannot capture it in the base game. Now, to celebrate the Pokemon Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, the English dub will be released, players will be able to obtain Dada Zarude with the pink cape in the movie in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Zarude will reach level 70, with the ability to Leaf Guard and the Held Item Choice Scarf. Its moves are jungle healing, hammer arm, power whip, and energy ball. Especially the jungle treatment is a unique initiative of Zarude.

To get Zarude in Sword and Shield, players need to register for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter and choose email marketing before September 25. After this deadline, gamers will receive a special email with a password to claim Zarude in their game.

After receiving the code, the player can start the Pokémon Sword and Shield and go to the pause menu. Players can select the Mystery Gift tab and enter the code in the email there. The player will see a small animation of Zarude, and the player will successfully add this Pokemon to their collection.

Players can also collect special Shiny Celebi in the same way. This mythical Pokemon was previously only available in Pokemon Go, now it acts as the guardian of the forest in the movie. Players should make sure to collect these two creatures before the deadline.

Now it's just over a week before the deadline, If you haven't got them yet, take action. If you don't want to spend more time, the quick way is to buy shiny pokemon on the PKMBuy website.