Some popular features of Pokemon Sword and Shield

Compared with other Pokemon games, character customization in Pokemon Sword and Shield is another matter entirely. Players can choose from a variety of hairstyles, various clothes, accessories, and even customize their League Card accordingly. It may bode well for a new system that may allow players to customize their characters from the beginning instead of collecting some items and unlocking things throughout the game.

The breeding process and a competitive Pokemon team

Trainers seeking to cultivate Pokemon for tournaments or online battles always have to go through a very complicated and long process, but in Pokemon Sword and Shield, items such as Mints and Ability Patches are of great help. Mints are used to change the great nature of Pokemon, and Ability Patches make Pokemon change their abilities to the hidden abilities of their species. In addition, Pokemon can also use Power items to increase their attributes.

The Wild Area

The Wild Area can be said to be one of the best features of Pokemon Sword and Shield, because it has finally become an open-world area, offering different biomes, deep weather systems, weather-related encounters with wild Pokemon, etc. Etc. Pokemon Sword and Shield laid the foundation for Pokemon Legends: Arceus to become a completely open-world experience, which is the first time in a Pokemon game.

Raids and MMO-like features

Raids is one of the most interesting activities in Pokemon Sword and Shield, especially when playing online, and in the long run, the local offline mode may become a bit stale. Raids should return in future Pokemon games, including Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. They may also mean that over time, the series may introduce more MMO-like features, thereby changing the way Pokemon games are played forever.

These are some popular features launched by Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more information, please click