Pokemon Sword and Shield: The new Pokemon Scorbunny Build-A-Bear plush will release

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Fire-type starter Scorbunny will be the next plush released as part of Build-a-Bear's Pokemon collection! Currently, the US version has not been officially released, but in the UK, Scorbunny will be online at 3 pm on May 6 release. There will be only one online bundle sale, which includes a Fire cape, a Sleeper, and a 5-in-1 sound option. Since Pokemon Build-a-Bear plushes are in great demand, fans hope they can be sold as soon as possible! Scorbunny will be the first Galar Pokemon offered by Build-a-Bear, and it's unclear if the other two starters will arrive next.

Currently, Scorbunny is not yet listed on the Build-a-Bear website in the United States or the United Kingdom, so it is difficult to know exactly their prices. What is known now is that the Eevee set with a cape, sleeper, and 4-in-1 sound is priced at $63 on the Build-a-Bear website. Fans of the Fire-type may hope that the price of the Scorbunny bundle is the same. What Pokemon fans need to do now is to pay close attention to website updates!

Scorbunny has always been one of the most popular monsters in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so it is not surprising to choose it as the first Galar representative in the Build-a-Bear series. The Pokemon has played a major role in the Pokemon Journeys anime on Netflix, so it is easy to be recognized by children. Most importantly, Pokemon has always attracted many players, and many old fans also hope to have this kind of plush in their collection! I hope that Build-a-Bear will be able to disclose the local release information soon.

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