Pokemon Sword and Shield: Shiny Gyarados is very popular with players

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have appeared on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite for a while, which means that many people who are still playing it, at least more hardcore fans, are chasing shinies.

Regardless of the week, all the popular posts on the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Reddit pages are likely to be about players catching flashes or their shiny collections. At the right time, one of the most popular posts on the Reddit page was a post showing jumbo mutant shrimp (also known as shiny Gyarados) collected by players.

As you may know, Gyarados is usually blue. Big and blue. But a shiny Gyarados is big and red. Of course, getting a bunch of shiny Gyarados is no easy task, which is part of the reason why the post went directly to the top of the game's very competitive Reddit page. But it is also there because it is a lively sight.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Gyarados are quite easy to capture, and compared with other shiny Pokemon, it is quite easy to get shiny Gyarados. But again, it is not easy to obtain a few of them.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available through Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and may soon be available through Nintendo Switch Pro.

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