Pokemon Sword and Shield Player got a Shiny Pokemon After hatching 845 Eggs

Players of Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch can sometimes find Shiny Pokemon in the wild, but they also look for specific creatures to hatch their eggs. This process can be very time-consuming, requiring players to hatch countless eggs before they can obtain the specific Pokemon they need. Reddit user LifeLineLemonade did just that, hatching 845 eggs just to get Shiny Noibat. The effort might not seem worth it to some fans, but the awesome coloration will make it a great addition to the player's team!

The original Reddit post can be found below.

According to the poster, the work was completed in only six hours. This makes the number of eggs hatched even more amazing, but it is not difficult to imagine how the player would do it when cycling back and forth in the wild. Some players spend more time looking for other shiny Pokemon!

Shiny Pokemon do not offer any distinct advantages over those with normal colorations, but they are much harder to come by. The collection aspect has been one of the most appealing parts of the Pokemon franchise since its inception, so it makes sense that players are constantly looking for new ways to find rarer creatures. Not every player is willing to spend six hours or more looking for that single rare Pokemon, but for diehard fans, the effort is more than worth it.

Noivern was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, and it quickly became one of the most popular creatures in the sixth generation. The design of the Pokemon is attractive enough without color changes, but the effect looks better when it turns green. This color is also very suitable for some other shiny Pokemon. Maybe LifeLine Lemonade will try to hatch more eggs in the future!

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