​Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to explain Rose and Leon's Endgame

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the game initially presents Chairman Rose as a close ally of the hero and champion Leon. The Nintendo Switch game quickly revealed the true nature of the character. Rose hopes to avoid an energy crisis in Galal, but the problem is still far away. So why did Rose put his plan into practice so quickly?

In Sword and Shield, Rose and Leon have a very close relationship, dating back to when Leon was 10 years old. Bluesidra believes that Rose has been training Leon to replace Eternatus from the beginning, which is why he recognized Leon so early. The champion seems willing to help Rose when necessary. For Ross, if the chairman is forced to establish a relationship with the new president, it may take much longer to make plans.

At the end of the game, Rose's plan failed. The chairman tried to force Leon to take Etnatus before the championship game with the players. After Leon refused, Rose released the legendary Pokemon to interrupt the game, inadvertently causing the second Darkest Day. Leon could not defeat Eternatus alone, but after a fierce battle with Hop, Zacian and Zamazenta, the player managed to catch the legendary Pokémon.

When you consider how much time it took Rose to build Leon, it makes more sense why the chairman feels pressure to make his plan as soon as possible. Since the player did defeat Leon, Rose's view of the future is correct. Of course, this is all just a fan theory, so readers should not consider this official standard, but it undoubtedly adds an interesting side to the story!

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