Pokemon Sword and Shield: How do I get the Expansion Pass

Isle of Armor is the first DLC expansion to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This DLC allows you to travel to brand new areas, including more wild areas, other stories, and tons of new Pokemon. After beating the main storyline, Pokemonsword and PokemonShield have a lot of work to do, but the DLC can break the monotony of trying to breed "shiny Pokemon" and fight all these "Max Raid Battles."

What do I need to do to get to Armor Island?

Once the DLC Expansion Pass is purchased and the game is updated, it's probably time to head off to Armor of Armor. If you have already won the race, there will be no problem getting there. If you haven't already beaten the game, you might still be able to move on to Armor or Armor if you've made enough progress. Need to be able to go to Wedgehurst station and need to visit wilderness areas. If these conditions are met, you will be allowed to travel to the new DLC area.

Once in Armor, you'll be challenged by one of your new competitors: Avery if you're playing Pokemon Shield; If you're playing Pokemon Sword, it's Klara. They only brought two Pokemon to the fight, but their Pokemon was powerful! If you can't beat Pokemon 60 or more, you should make more progress in the game before heading to Armor Island.

After expanding the map, you can fly back and forth to Armor Island from anywhere you can take a flying taxi. Once inside the station, a Pokemon expert will contact you and prepare to upgrade your Pokemon so that you can collect information on 100 new Pokemon models! You still have to face Klara or Avery to continue, so make sure you have a strong Pokemon team in the fight. Casual players usually choose to come to https://www.pkmbuy.com/ to quickly get Pokemons to better enjoy the game.