Players have the opportunity to vote for the next freebies of Pokemon Sword and Shield

To determine which items will be distributed in the Pokemon Players Cup IV finals this summer, The Pokemon Company is conducting a poll. This allows players to vote for Pokemon Sword And Shield's next freebie.

The poll has four options: PP Max, Focus Sash, Lucky Egg, and Gold Bottle Cap. Both PP Max and Gold Bottle Cap are used outside the battlefield. The former can increase a move's PP, while the latter can be used in the Battle Tower to achieve the effect of training a Pokemon. The Focus Sash and Lucky Egg are held items. Focus Sash can allow a Pokemon to withstand a hit KO with only one life remaining, and the Lucky Egg can increase the experience value a Pokemon gains when holding the item.

The winning works will be distributed in the Pokemon Players Cup IV finals, which will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube in July. The Players Cup has special competitions for the main games Pokemon, Pokemon TCG, and Pokken Tournament DX.

So far, the Pokemon series has been released for 25 years. To repay the love and support of the majority of users, in the next few months, The Pokemon Company will also launch some new Pokemon games. For example, in the second half of the year, remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be released on Switch. The new adventure game Pokemon Legends: Arceus will also debut in 2022.

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