​PKMBuy - Why Pokémon fans are already raving about Scarlet & Violet's new professor

More information about the new ninth-generation Pokémon, called Scarlet and Violet, is highly anticipated thanks to the excitement of open-world-style gaming for the Switch since Sword and Shield. The recent spin-off Pokémon Legends: Arceus was the first game to achieve this, and fans were more than happy to see a storyline game that included the much-loved and accepted components of Arceus.

Now, the second trailer has been released, and with it comes many revelations about the gameplay and new Pokémon. These aren't the only things that make fans angry. The new trailer also revealed that each game has a specific version of the professor, specifically to make them stand out from the rest.

Just 24 hours later, fans are making fan art for the traditionally attractive professor. This type of craze over a character reveal hasn't happened since Lady Dimistrecu in Resident Evil: Village. This isn't the first time fans have longed for the franchise's professor, though.

Scarlet & Violet's new professor

One might remember the charm behind Professor Juniper from Black and White, Professor Sycamore from X & Y, Professor Kukui from Sun & Moon, and even Professor Willow from Pokémon Go. However, most professors can be said to have either an awkwardly cute grandparent vibe, like the classic Oak Professor, or a cool aunt and uncle look. On the other hand, Professor Sada and Turo's performances are completely different.

According to the official Scarlet and Violet pages on the Pokémon website, depending on the game you buy, you'll get either Professor Sada or Professor Turo, a unique feature of this generation. In Pokémon Scarlet, you'll find the muscular, charming Professor Sada with long hair, charming green eyes, and partially shaved hair.

In Pokémon Violet, you'll be introduced to Professor Turo, who has a neat beard and hairstyle reminiscent of a rugged, handsome 30-something male model. Interestingly, under her lab coat, Professor Sada appears to be wearing clothing that reflects prehistoric times, while Touro appears to be wearing futuristic clothing by comparison.

Fans looking forward to the new game are wondering if the new professor will make it to the anime. With the Masters on the horizon and the game due for release in November, the answer may come sooner or later.

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