​PKMBuy - Why is Spiritomb scary in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

It's been a few months since Pokemon Legends: Arceus was released, but players continue to play and enjoy the game. Due to its open-world nature, the time it takes to acquire each Pokemon, and the chance of a shiny hunt, Pokemon Legends: Arceus likely has hundreds of hours of content built into its gameplay.

Obtaining each Pokemon is a difficult task in the game, as some of them are very rare and players have to skip to get other Pokemon. For example, Golbat evolution in Pokemon Legends: Arceus cannot be done simply by leveling up, and the same goes for other evolutions. However, when it comes to the hardest Pokemon to catch, the one that has to be mentioned is the Spiritomb.

To catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you must start a quest to find more than 100 spirits. After this and several other steps are completed, the Pokemon will interact with the player, allowing capture. Also, after this, Pokemon will have a chance to spawn in the wild again. While it's already strange to find such a rare and threatening Pokemon in the open world, one player encountered two alpha Spiritombs at the same time. Fortunately, the depth perception of these two Spiritombs is terrifying.

Reddit user Shiny_eeveelution captured what could have been an epic battle between them and two giant Spiritombs, but it turned into a bland goal-practice game. Considering that Pokemon Legends: Arceus shows Spiritomb to be sinister, it removes some of the sinister effects when two Pokemon start throwing shadow balls over players' heads. Rather than being a formidable pair of threats, these two Pokemon look as if they were targeting the camera rather than the player.

Shiny_eeveelution, like other Reddit users, downplayed the "Storm Trooper goals" of the two Pokemons. One user joked that it's amazing that Shadow Ball can miss multiple times, considering its 100% accuracy. Another user said the two Spiritombs must have been confused by their own mistakes, probably thinking the trainer was evading their attacks. Another user joked that the clip is a perfect example of why artillery is ineffective at short distances.

two alpha Spiritombs

All jokes aside, shiny_eeveelution's video actually shows an interesting gameplay trick: if the player is standing below and close enough to a Pokemon using a shadow ball, it will obviously miss the top of their head. Additionally, the clip shows the encounter of two alpha Spiritombs at the same time, which could be even rarer if Pokemon Legends: Arceus Spiritombs were shiny.

It is rare for a trainer to meet two alpha Spiritombs on the spot in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and if you want to get a Shiny Alpha Pokemon, it may be difficult to catch it yourself, but you can get the PLA Alpha Pokemon you want at PKMBuy.com.