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The Pokemon Company revealed more details about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet until the Gen 9 game was finally released in November. Even though only two trailers have been released for the Gen 9 game so far, there's still a lot to learn from these videos, especially on the subject of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

There have been many rumors about the adorable starting trio of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and unsurprisingly, many of them are about everyone's favorite grass-type kitten, Sprigatito. Since Sprigatito's debut at Pokemon Day in February, many fans have expressed hope that the adorable cat stays on four legs, which is what they wished for Litten in Pokemon Sun and Moon but are very much excited about the subsequent reveal. disappointment. Incinerator. Likewise, fans think Sprigatito is suitable for being a grass/Fairy-type Pokemon because of its name and appearance. Still, recent rumors may debunk both theories and tell a different story about this launch.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leak About Sprigatito and Its Evolution

Riddler Khu shared a tweet with fans about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's debuts and their final genres, including plenty of tips on what each of them ultimately evolved into in terms of genre combinations. Despite the popular theory of Sprigatito becoming a grass/Fairy-type Pokemon, critters seem to be evolving into grass/dark creatures, a type combination that is very rare throughout the series and only recently became available through Zarude in Pokemon Sword. More common and shields.

This "leak" is based on the fact that the launch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus was a kind of test for the 9th-gen game, but this time the secondary types of Hisuian Samurott and Hisuian Decidueye will be swapped in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. So, according to Khu, Fuecoco will evolve into a fire/ghost Pokemon, Quaxly will become a water/combat type, and Sprigatito will become a grass/dark creature. As far as the concept of a trifecta of Pokemon types goes, these types really fit the bill and are likely the ultimate combination for 9th-generation beginners.

Another hot topic in the Pokemon community has been the so-called evolution of Sprigatito being bipedal or quadrupedal, but again Khu hinted that it was the former. The comment was in response to a fan's question about the grass-type debut, with Khu replying that Sprigatito would indeed "stand up." However, that's not surprising to many, considering Game Freak's design philosophy is that when it comes to introductory Pokemon, they should be both creatures that people will be friends with and that they should reflect humans as they mature in life" evolution", eventually becoming more anthropomorphic in terms of physical features.

The fact that Sprigatito will be bipedal once it evolves also ties in nicely with another hint from Khu, this time about what kittens will look like as they evolve. In fact, it appears that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will include several "waifumon" in the area book, as these creatures are quite feminine, especially because of their more anthropomorphic appearance, which makes them attractive. According to Khu, this category appears to include the evolution of Sprigatito.

Finally, in terms of gameplay, Khu also mentioned that Sprigatito's evolution will have very strong hidden abilities that make it stand out from other starters. Because Khu's wording refers to the pool of moves the critters will have, fans were quick to point out that this could be a hint that Sprigatito's evolution will use Libero as its hidden ability, as Cinderace did in Pokemon SWSH. Check out Pokemon details at pokemondb.net

Unconfirmed rumors about Sprigatito in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

However, not all of the information about Sprigatito's evolution over the past few months is actually credible, including a recent alleged "leak" in the form of a video. This video describes a potential evolution of Sprigatito by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fully animated and with its own in-game 3D model. However, upon further inspection of the creature's design, several textures and elements can be noticed directly taken from Pokemon Sword and Shield's Obstagoon, which is a regional evolution of the Zigzagoon line. Therefore, this video should be considered fake.

Another rumor is that Sprigatito might evolve into flamenco dancers, which makes sense since the regions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were inspired by Spain and Portugal. Flamenco dancers are instantly part of the Spanish image because of their frilled dresses and robes, and it makes sense to pay homage to Spain by having the Sprigatito evolve into a flamenco-like critter. This rumor hasn't been debunked, but if anyone thinks that Sprigatito should evolve into a grass/dark Pokemon, which doesn't fit the flamenco aesthetic and theme in terms of design, that's unlikely.

Another rumor worth mentioning is that the starting trio of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may be based on the story of St. George and the Dragon, a myth that sees St. George slay a dragon and save a princess. This rumor evolved Sprigatito into a princess, Fuecoco into a dragon, and finally, Quaxly as St. George himself. However, again, it doesn't really fit into the type combination revealed by Khu, but it's a good theory, closely tied to Spanish folklore.

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