​How to get Zelaora in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Zeraora is one of the latest mythical Pokemon, but its cool appearance and powerful statistics make it highly sought after. The best build of Zeraora includes a happy nature and maximum EV attack and speed. For movement, Volt Switch, Plasma Fist, Close Combat, and Elemental Fist Movement or Knockdown all provide some heavy blows and good type coverage. Unlike the early mythical Pokemon, Zelaora's statistics are unevenly distributed.

Zeraora's statistics make it a powerful sweeper, thanks to high attack data and a strong 143 base speed. Zeraora's mobile pool is relatively limited in terms of regular attacks and special attacks, but it has enough diversity to obtain Zeraora is not easy. Players can piece together some reliable things.

So far, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon GO, and Pokemon House have not been able to obtain Zaraola. Therefore, only players who have obtained Zeraora from previous events can transfer Pokemon to Nintendo Switch games. Can't guess whether this will change.

How is Zeraora obtained?

Zeraora has always been an award for two independent events in the Pokemon game.

In 2018, Zeraora was introduced into an on-site giveaway event, where Pokemon from different regions can be obtained. In North America, Zeraora is available at Gamestop and EB Games retailers. In Europe, Pokemon can be obtained by visiting specific retailers or participating in certain events in specific countries.

In 2020, as part of the promotion of Pokemon HOME, Zeraora will once again appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The mythical Pokemon is part of a global challenge that requires 1 million players to defeat Zeraora, which is added to the wild event Max Raid Dens.

If a player transfers Pokemon between Sword and Shield and Pokemon HOME and is one of the players who defeated Max Raid Den Zeraora, they will receive a shiny Zeraora in their Pokemon HOME box.

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